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Issue insolvency-safe Hahn Air tickets.

H1-Air and X1-Air

Book additional airlines in your GDS under the designators H1 and X1.


Book and issue rail and shuttle connections in your GDS.


Save time booking groups for 10+ travelers.


Book and ticket ancillary services conveniently in your GDS.

With 5W-Rail&Shuttle you now have the opportunity to book rail and shuttle services alongside airlines in your GDS display. This service, provided by Hahn Air's sister company Hahn Air Systems, grants travel agents the ability to book routes of rail and shuttle companies with no GDS presence of their own under the two-letter code 5W in all major GDSs.

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About 5W-Rail&Shuttle

Discover more about 5W-Rail&Shuttle by watching our learning video.

Check-In & Boarding Pass

To access and retrieve your passengers' travel information and mandatory boarding pass, type in the last name of one of the passengers and the PNR locator. Follow the link to find out how the check-in process works:

Demo check-in application

GDS Ticketing and Check-in Process

Select and book 5W-Rail&Shuttle partners under the code 5W by using the city's 3-letter-code.
Complete the PNR and auto price the booking with the validating carrier Hahn Air (HR).
Follow the standard ticketing process in your GDS and issue the ticket on the insolvency-safe HR-169 document.
Check-In for your customer by visiting and enter in the customer's last name and PNR locator.
Download/email the boarding pass and print it! It is the document that the passenger requires for boarding.

Route Maps

Discover all of the routes that 5W-Rail&Shuttle has to offer in your GDS by viewing the route network of our partner carriers.

GDS Guides

Follow standard GDS reservation and ticketing process.

At a glance

Download a list of all our 5W-Rail&Shuttle partners and the Quick Card on how to issue 5W on HR-169 tickets.