Rail and shuttle connections in your GDS

Under the 2-letter code 5W you can book rail and shuttle services in your GDS and issue them on the insolvency-safe Hahn Air ticket (HR-169).

All 5W-Rail&Shuttle routes

This service is provided by Hahn Air Systems, a sister company of Hahn Air, which acts as an intermediary: It enables travel agencies to book the connections of rail and shuttle companies with no GDS presence of their own in all major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs).


Follow standard GDS reservation and ticketing process

To book 5W-Rail&Shuttle services simply follow the standard GDS reservation and ticketing process by using insolvency-safe Hahn Air tickets (HR-169) in all markets.

  • Select and book 5W-Rail&Shuttle services available in the GDS airline display.
  • Auto-price and issue the ticket on an HR-169 document in your GDS.
  • Visit checkin.hahnair.com and enter the customer’s last name and PNR locator. (Find out how the checkin process works: demo check-in application)
  • Download the customer’s PDF boarding pass and/or retrieve a copy via email; the printed PDF serves as a ticket and is obligatory when boarding the train or shuttle.
  • If you require assistance, please find guides for 5W-Rail&Shuttle ticketing and check-in below. Simply select the GDS and your preferred language.
  • 5W Partner List

  • 5W Quick Card

  • Amadeus Guide

  • Galileo Guide

  • Sabre Guide