H1-Air – More Airlines

Access additional flight content in your GDS

Under the H1 code you can book flights with airlines that are not normally available in your GDS and issue them on insolvency-safe Hahn Air tickets (HR-169).

The flights of the H1-Air partner airlines are available worldwide in all GDSs (Abacus, Amadeus, Apollo, Axess, Galileo, Infini, Sabre, Sirena, Travelsky, Worldspan).

Visit the profiles of the H1-Air partners by selecting your preferred language from the partner list below. To see the route map of H1-Air partner airlines, please click here: All H1-Air routes



Follow standard GDS reservation and ticketing process

To book H1-Air flights simply follow the standard GDS reservation and ticketing process by using insolvency-safe Hahn Air tickets (HR-169) in all markets.

  • Select and book H1-Air flights
  • Auto-price and issue the ticket on an HR-169 document
  • For more details, please also read our dedicated guides for booking and ticketing below. Simply select the GDS and your preferred language.
  • H1-Air Partner List

  • H1-Air Quick Card

  • Amadeus Guide

  • Galileo Guide

  • Sabre Guide