The HR-EMD Solution

Book and ticket ancillary services conveniently

With Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMDs) you can book and ticket additional services such as seat reservations, additional luggage and special meals conveniently via your GDS.

However, airlines can only sell their EMDs in markets where they have joined the local settlement system (BSP). Due to interline agreements, additional services of Hahn Air’s partner carriers can now be issued on HR-EMDs.

The following partner airlines can be issued on HR-EMDs in Amadeus:
In 2017, Hahn Air will offer the additional services of more airline partners on the HR-EMD.


How to issue EMDs

EMD Quick Cards

Before issuing EMDs, we suggest that you quickly review your booking once again by following the directions summarised in our Quick Cards.


 EMDs for Hahn Air scheduled flight services and rebooking fees are available in all GDSs. At the moment HR-EMDs are only available in Amadeus.