Outsourced GDS Sales

In today’s aviation industry, selling worldwide is complex, costly and it creates risks. While local markets can be approached purely by direct distribution, global distribution requires disproportionate efforts and can only be achieved by indirect sales channels.

Our product

Go global overnight! H1-Air (IATA code H1), a product of Hahn Air Systems, enables customers to outsource GDS distribution entirely and take advantage of Hahn Air Systems’ extensive distribution network.  Our simple one-stop-shop solution for GDS distribution provides access to a network of 100,000+ travel agencies across 190 markets in every GDS.

H1-Air runs on AirCore, a state-of-the-art inventory and reservation system powered by UNISYS.

For airlines

The costs of being globally accessible are large and every additional market adds more complexity to the existing structure. H1-Air is a ‘plug-and-play-solution’, taking out this complexity for distribution in the GDS. The only prerequisite is that your airline operates an inventory system, has a valid IATA designator and the ability to provide us with the desired schedules, availability and fares.

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For tour operators

Purchasing large allotments on a flight brings the risk of not selling enough seats with bundled holiday packages. H1-Air opens up a new sales channel for chartered seats sellable via GDS, available to travel agents worldwide and reducing financial risks at no additional cost. All you need to do is provide us with your schedules, availability and fares.