Meet José and Carla at the BTL – Lisboa Travel Market

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Dear Colleagues,

The BTL – Lisboa Travel Market, the largest tourism fair in Portugal for travel professionals, will be right around the corner. Why not use the opportunity to meet up with me and my colleague Carla Abramovich from our friendly Service Desk?

We’d love to share more about Hahn Air’s products and services that have been part of travel agents’ ticketing experience over the last 20 years, helping us become the industry’s leading distribution specialist.  

Looking forward to seeing you there!

José Cubero

Director Global Account Management

Join us at the CEAV Travel Meeting 2019


13th March to 17th March 2019


Pabillion 4, APAVT-Travelport Stand.  

Feira Internacional de Lisboa

Rua do Bojador, 1998-010 Lisboa

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