Aero Vip

Portugal - founded: 2000

Please note that no Aero Vip flights are sold under the H1 code at the moment.

This carrier is displayed in your GDS under the H1 code.

Aero Vip is a Portuguese regional airline based at Cascais Tires Airport (CAT).

Aero Vip serves 5 domestic destinations.

Code Phone/Fax Email Web
WV (+351) 273 313 203

H1-Air Travel Details

Check your H1-Air Travel Details by entering the surname of one of the passengers and the record locator (either GDS, H1 or airline) or ticket number. If you are a travel agent, please make sure to forward this information to the passenger. Please note that you can only access bookings that have been made under the H1 code.

How to guide

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Baggage Rules

  • Piece Concept: max. 20 kg per passenger free of charge in total (Carry-on luggage and Checked baggage)
  • Additional/special baggage (eg. oversized baggage or sports equipment): extra costs may apply. Please liaise directly with the operating carrier.