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Our partners' services

This month we present to you some exciting destinations which are served by our partners Luxair, Westair Aviation, La Compagnie, Air Peace and Anguilla Air Services. Don’t just take our word for it. Check them out yourself!

Luxair operates convenient connections across European cities

Do your clients want to go on a last-minute vacation or visit their family and friends before Christmas? Then book Luxair’s convenient connections across many European cities including Bologna (BLQ), Budapest (BUD), Bucharest (OTP) Krakow (KRK), Milan (MPL),  Stockholm (ARN) and more.

Flight NoFromToDepartureArrivalFrequency
LG 8173LUXBUD112513203,6
LG 5807LUXBUD085011007
LG 5807LUXBUD122014304
LG 5808BUDLUX114013507
LG 5808BUDLUX151017204
LG 8174BUDLUX140015453,6
Flight NoFromToDepartureArrivalFrequency
LG 8211LUXMPL121013553,6
LG 8212MLP LUX143516153,6
Flight NoFromToDepartureArrivalFrequency
LG 5783LUXARN100012455
LG 5781LUXARN100012457
LG 5781LUXARN103513202
LG 5781ARNLUX133016155
LG 5782ARNLUX133516207
LG 5782ARNLUX140016402
Flight NoFromToDepartureArrivalFrequency
LG 8903LUXOTP171520351,4
LG 8904OTPLUX212022501,4
Flight NoFromToDepartureArrivalFrequency
LG 5741LUXKRK092011305
LG 5741LUXKRK120014101
LG 5742KRKKUX121514355
LG 5742KRKLUX145517151

Westair Aviation’s offers connections to South Africa

Westair Aviation has grown to become one of the most experienced aviation companies in Namibia. Under the X1 code you can book their new service from Windhoek (WDH) to Johannesburg (JNB) and its new direct flight to Cape Town (CPT).

Flight NoFromToDepartureArrivalFrequency
X1 264WDHCPT083010301,5
X1 265CPTWDH123014301,5
X1 266WDHJNB073009152,4
X1 267JNBWDH121514002,4

La Compagnie will operate flights from Paris to New York

The French airline La Compagnie offers exclusive business-class flights from Paris Charles de Gaulle (ORY) to Newark Liberty (EWR) as of 19 December.
Flight NoFromToDepartureArrivalFrequency
B0 100ORYEWR10301310daily
B0 102ORYEWR14301710daily
B0 101EWRORY19300850+1daily
B0 103EWRORY21501100+1daily

Air Peace launches flights from Lagos to Johannesburg

Air Peace offers flights from Lagos (LOS) to Johannesburg (JNB). You can offer your clients the following routes:
Flight NoFromToDepartureArrivalFrequency
P 47563LOSJNB23590700+13,6
P 47564JNBLOS110016004,7

Anguilla Air Services operates flights to Sint Maarten (SXM)

Anguilla Air Services operates flights from Anguilla Airport (AXA) to Sint Maarten (SXM) on a daily basis
Flight NoFromToDepartureArrivalFrequency
H1 2856SXMAXA14301440daily
H1 2859SXMAXA16451655daily
H1 2855AXASXM12001210daily
H1 2858AXASXM15001510daily