Hahn Air Lines

Our fleet

Our fleet is engineered for safety and efficiency. Hahn Air Lines owns and operates an exclusive business jet fleet. All aircraft were purchased directly from their manufacturer, Textron Aviation. The interiors and amenities were designed and tailored exclusively for Hahn Air Lines.

Cessna C680 Sovereign

Non-stop from Dusseldorf to Dubai or Canada*

The Cessna C680 Sovereign is the largest and leading jet in our fleet. A popular midsize jet, the Citation Sovereign's spacious cabin can accommodate up to eight passengers. With its spacious standing cabin and large leather seats, the aircraft has a reputation for comfort. The Sovereign also offers ample baggage space. Skiing, golfing or other sporting equipment comfortably fits in the large hold alongside regular baggage.


*Assumption: ISA conditions, zero winds enroute, max. 4 passengers

Cessna Citation Sovereign (C680) - Specifications

Passenger capacity8*
Crew2 Pilots + Service Attendant
RegistrationD-CHRD & D-CHRE
Year of manufacture2007

refurbished and overhauled 2015


refurbished and overhauled 2016

Altitude max.47,000 ft | 14,326 m
Range max.2,800 NM | 5,186 km
Cruising speed max.460 kts | 850 km/h
Flight time 6h* approximately with 4 passengers max.
Baggage capacity~ 8 Standard suitcases | 135 ft3 | 3,82 m3
Cabin length25 ft 3 in | 7,70 m
Cabin height

68 in | 1,73 m

Cabin width66 in | 1,68 m

2 Pratt & Whitney Canada | Model PW306C

EquipmentCD-DVD, Sat-Phone, microwave, lavatory

*The total capacity might be reduced depending on flight distance and duration.

Cessna CJ4

Non-stop from Dusseldorf to the Canary Islands*

The Citation CJ4 jet redefines versatility for a light jet. The CJ4 has added speed, flight range and cabin size over its predecessor without incurring the midsize jet operating costs. The cabin of the CJ4 is designed to give the impression of spaciousness. Seating up to six passengers, the cabin includes a side facing divan, fold-out tables and a fully enclosed lavatory.


*Assumption: max. 4 passengers

Cessna Citation CJ4 (525C) - Specifications

Passenger capacity


Crew2 Pilots (Service Attendant optional)
Year of manufacture2013
Altitude max.45,000 ft | 13,710 m
Range max.1,900 NM | 3,704 km
Cruising speed max.450 kts | 833 km/h
Flight time 4h30* approximately with 4 passengers max
Baggage capacity~ 6 Standard suitcases | 77 ft3 | 2,18 m3
Cabin length17 ft 4 in | 5,28 m
Cabin height57 in | 1,45 m
Cabin width58 in | 1,47 m
Engines2 Williams International | Model FJ44-4A
Equipment: CD-DVD, Sat-Phone, lavatory



*The total capacity might be reduced depending on flight distance and duration.