Hahn Air opens an additional Ticket Office in Myanmar

Friday, June 30, 2017


Hahn Air is pleased to announce that Myanmarian agencies now have access to Hahn Air’s 325 air, rail & shuttle partners through an additional Ticket Office, Columbus Travels & Tours Ltd. The agency is available to provide support with HR-169 ticketing as well as information about Hahn Air’s services.

All HR-169 tickets issued by Columbus Travels & Tours Ltd and Hahn Air’s other Ticket Offices automatically include Hahn Air’s benefits, such as the free insolvency insurance Securtix®, round-the-clock support via its global Service Desk and a 14-day refund guarantee. Columbus Travels & Tours Ltd can be contacted at thanhtike@columbusmyanmar.com. Agents can also call +95 1 229245.

Details and information about Hahn Air’s other Ticket Offices in the market can be found under Contacts.

Contact for the media:

Ashvin Rajendram Sivajothi
Corporate Communications Manager
Tel: +49-6103-7331-430
E-Mail: a.sivajothi@hahnair.com