Spain - founded: 1941

This company is displayed in your GDS under the 5W code. 

RENFE Operadora is a state-owned company operating freight and passenger trains on the Spanish national railway infrastructure, which is managed by ADIF (Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias).

The Spanish high-speed system is called AVE (Alta Velocidad Española, Spanish High Speed).

Construction of the high-speed rail line between Madrid and Seville began in 1988 and operation commenced in 1991. Train speed on the Seville line is 300 km/h. The second high-speed rail line (Madrid to Barcelona) was completed in 2007. The operational speed on this route is 350 km/h. The third high-speed line (Madrid to Toledo) was opened in November 2005, followed by the spur from Córdoba to Málaga as far as Antequera in 2007. Another high-speed route from Madrid to Valladolid was opened in 2007, the line from Madrid to Valencia was opened in 2010.

Code Phone/Fax E-mail Web
1RE + 34 902 320 320

The following routes are served

Enregistrement et carte d'embarquement

Pour accéder et récupérer les informations de voyage de vos passagers et leur carte d'embarquement obligatoire, saisissez le nom de famille et le numéro du PNR des passagers.

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Baggage Rules

  • 1 bag/piece max. 25 kg


Depending on the route and train, the following classes are available:

  • Club/Business (comparable to First)
  • Preferente (comparable to Business)
  • Turista Plus/Turista (comparable to Coach)

Onboard services:

Cafeteria, restaurant, press, music and video availability given on certain routes and subject to availability.

The following trains operate on the currently offered routes:

  • RENFE Class 100 (XOC-XQA)
  • RENFE Class 102 (XOC-YJM)
  • RENFE Class 103 (XOC-YJB)
  • RENFE Class 112 (YJB-YJM)


VE-Long Distance services include exclusive areas reserved for customers with tickets to premium classes. The use of the lounges is limited to the city of origin, only on the day of the listed date in its transportation title and from 2 hours before the departure of the train.

Booking Classes

Classe de réservation GDS Compartiment Classe de réservation du transporteur exploitant
C Business Primera international
C Business Preferente domestic
D Business Preferente
Y Economy Turista Plus domestic
B Economy Segunda international
B Economy Turista domestic