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Hahn Air Lines

Charter flights

We proudly call our premium charter product Connoisseur Service. We not only offer the highest quality, but our services are personal and entirely confidential right from your very first contact with us. The Hahn Air Lines ground and air crew ensure that your experience will always live up to your requirements and expectations.

How to book a VIP executive flight

We work with brokers, corporate clients and individual customers.

If you are a corporate client or individual customer, feel free to simply email or call us, or ask your chosen broker to contact us on your behalf.

If you are a broker, you can easily access us via Avinode (through our cooperation partner E-Aviation) or directly via Returnjet. You can also contact us via email or phone.


Contact us


Phone: +49-211-421-60366

Connoisseur Service

Connoisseur Service represents our commitment to delivering the highest standards of service and quality in a unique and personal manner. We are able to deliver our premium product through our competent and friendly staff both in the air and on the ground. Connoisseur Service adds distinction to your entire experience with us.


Preparing your flight

Our colleagues from our flight team assist and guide you through each step supported by the FL3XX flight operations software. We kindly ask you for cooperation when we ask questions and collect data and documents that are required for your journey; e.g. passport numbers, full passenger names etc.

VIP Transfers

Should you need a limousine or another kind of transfer in Düsseldorf or at any other location, we are happy to organize it through our wide network of partners located at more than 5000 airports worldwide.

Executive Terminal

We use dedicated executive terminals to provide you with the utmost comfort and to save you time by skipping the traffic that surrounds busy airport terminals. No queues, no ticket, no stress. Simply arrive, enter the terminal, be greeted by the lounge host and take a seat, knowing you’ll be in the air within minutes.

While you are waiting for your flight, enjoy our private lounge equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi and refreshments. When your aircraft is fully prepared, our crew will then welcome you and guide you to the aircraft so that you can board your flight, relaxed and ready to fly. Leaving the aircraft is quick and easy thanks to our use of smaller executive terminals. Our crew handles your baggage personally, and, within minutes, you are able to continue your journey on the ground.


All our jets have a brand new first-class interior. Each seat in our custom-designed cabin includes both a window and aisle. All seats have leather finishing, are fully able to recline and are equipped with electrical outlets to charge your smartphone or tablet.

Our jets are also equipped with an inflight entertainment system that lets you play your music or films and also enable you to watch your flight on an interactive map. You are also able to make phone calls via our satellite phone.

Gourmet Catering

Be it a bottle of champagne, a soda, sushi, seafood or sandwiches, we will prepare a unique culinary experience according to your tastes and desires.


We are highly flexible and accommodating when it comes to your baggage. Please let us know in advance what baggage and additional items you intend to carry. There may be some space restrictions due to the size of the baggage hold. There are also safety standards that must be adhered to.

Carrying dangerous goods

Please note that due to international regulations and to ensure the safety of our customers, there are a number of restrictions on items that can be carried as cabin baggage and checked baggage.

Items such as sporting weapons, which may cause injury or represent a threat to the security or safety of other passengers or the crew, can only be carried as checked baggage, and are not allowed as cabin baggage. These items should be appropriately packed for carriage, in accordance with IATA Regulations and relevant local regulations. Only dangerous goods permitted in hand luggage under the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations may be transported on a Hahn Air flight.

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