Hahn Air NDC 2017.2 API – Error Codes

List of possible error codes which could be returned in the NDC response.

Error CodeDescription
1Invalid date
4Invalid city/airport code
68Max number of passenger per request exceeded
75VBase fare amounts incorrect
78Invalid or missing fare data
79Form of payment missing or invalid for carrier fee
267Name in the Request Does Not Match Name in Reservation
295No Flights Requested
324Number of infants exceeds maximum allowed per adult passenger
404No Service Between Requested Cities/Airports
466Form of payment missing or invalid for ticket/document
493Order not created – no availability
496No offers
762Invalid tax amount
795Invalid, missing or conflicting search criteria
911Unable to process - system error
913Item/data not found or data not existing in processing host
E02Order has been cancelled, inventory released
E04Agency in default - no sales allowed
E05Agency is blocked - no sales allowed
E06Agency’s sales quota exceeded for current period
E07Configuration updated - Please try again
E08Unauthorized Access
E09Agency not found
E10Invalid agency number
E11Invalid Currency
E12Invalid Form of Payment
E14Unknown Agency error
E15Invalid payment transaction channel code
E16Invalid Secure Payment Protocol version
E17Invalid identifier in DirectoryServerTrxID
E18Invalid CAVV in AuthenticationValue
E19Invalid Ecommerce indicator value
E20Invalid secure payment method
E21Multiple payments not allowed
E22Sell option not allowed (long/short-sell)
E23Authentication requested
E26Price has changed - Order not created
E27Date of birth missing or invalid
E28The requested Agency ID does not match the Agency ID which created the offer
E29Payment Failure
E30Unable to process - system error due to timeout exceeded
E31Unable to process - processing host is down
E32Operation not permitted
E33Invalid data passed in the request
E34Total tax amount slightly different
E35Request contains unsupported passenger types
E36Multi segments currently not supported
E37Openjaws are currently not supported
E38Booking already exists for these passengers and flights
E39Unknown error on OrderCreate
E40Invalid or inconsistent Party.Recipient.ORA_Recipient.AirlineID provided
E41Invalid cabin type code sent. Only a single code from the PADIS codeset 9873 is supported.
E42Inconsistent offer/order owner provided.
E43Supplied Offer ID is invalid (expired or old version). Please obtain fresh Offer ID to continue.
E44Only a single instance of CabinType in CabinPreferences element is supported.
E45Maximum number of airline preferences exceeded.