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Welcome to Hahn Air's NDC Platform.

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We currently support the Shop-Order flow described below:


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Change History


  • 2022-04-19:

    • OrderViewRS: Participating carriers' record locators now returned along with Hahn Air record locator

    • AirShoppingRQ: max number of airline preferences in the request is 200

    • New error code added when max number of airline preferences is exceeded


  • 2022-02-22:

    • New error codes added


  • 2022-01-11:

    • Updated AirShoppingRQ with optional Baggage and Cabin preferences

    • Updated AirShoppingRS with Baggage Allowance information

    • Updated OrderViewRS with PriceClass and Fare information

    • Missed cleanup of Order Status, which is not returned in OrderViewRS anymore (please rely on TicketDocInfos data instead)

    • All samples updated to reflect latest version of the NDC Platform (6 end-to-end cases are included)

    • Definition of new Error codes


  • 2021-09-08:

    • CabinDesignator returned in PriceClass.ClassOfService.MarketingName in AirShoppingRS and OfferPriceRS

    • Updated AirShoppingRS and OfferPriceRS samples with CabinDesignator in PriceClass.ClassOfService.MarketingName

    • Definition of new Error codes (removed multiple error messages associated to a single error code)


  • 2021-04-09:

    • New Payment Data Encryption Method documentation

    • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) – 3DS 2.x documentation

    • Cash Payments documentation

    • New OrderID format (compliant with IATA Resolution 777)

    • Centralized Endpoints and Request Header documentation

    • Added additional NDC RQ/RS samples for all messages

    • Collapsible sections to improve readability

    • Other minor corrections