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Celebrando 20 anos


Obrigado por incontáveis momentos mágicos

Até os melhores eventos e confraternizações chegam ao fim algum dia. Por sorte, temos fotos para nos lembrar dos bons tempos que tivemos juntos! Navegue pela nossa galeria para ver quem se juntou a nós nas nossas festas, conferências e confraternizações de aniversário.

BTC – Tourism Fair 2011 in Santo Domingo

Cristina Ortiz, Regional Director Global Account Management, and our Martin have been to the BTC – Tourism Fair 2011 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Hahn Air competition winner receives prize, July 2011

Nathalie Weber, Service Partner of Hahn Air in Australia, hands over the prize of the Travel Daily-Competition to the happy winner, Michelle Pearson. Hahn Air sponsored a new ipad2 as winning item.

In house training with Travel With Flair in Johannesburg July 2011

Our Regional Director Africa, Candy Kasonkomona, met Travel With Flair agents for Hahn Air in house training in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 6-7 July 2011.

Workshops at Tourvest in Johannesburg, South Africa, July 2011

Our Regional Director Africa, Candy Kasonkomona, held several workshop-sessions at Tourvest Group in Johannesburg on 5 July 2011. Thank you all for your participation!

A visit at Hawkair, Canada, July 2011

Dorian Deninski, Project Manager Sales Engineering at Hahn Air, visited our new partner airline and first Intelisys User Hawkair. He was meeting with the General Manager Rod Hyward, Revenue Manager Jocelyn Lindenbach and Reservation Manager Gary Taylor.