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Celebrando 20 anos


Obrigado por incontáveis momentos mágicos

Até os melhores eventos e confraternizações chegam ao fim algum dia. Por sorte, temos fotos para nos lembrar dos bons tempos que tivemos juntos! Navegue pela nossa galeria para ver quem se juntou a nós nas nossas festas, conferências e confraternizações de aniversário.

1G Awards Dinner in Lusaka, Zambia, June 2011

Hahn Air sponsored 11 different trophies that were handed over during the 1G Awards Dinner in Lusaka, Zambia on 8 June 2011. Our Regional Director Africa, Candy Kasonkomona, appreciated to congratulate all winners.      

After Dinner Drink during the IATA AGM June 2011

Hahn Air invited to a After Dinner Drink during the IATA AGM 2011 in the amazing Ku Dé Ta in Singapore. Kirsten, Benito, Steve and Nico from Hahn Air had a great time meeting all guests!           

AFRAA SIS Workshop Nairobi 2011

Anna Schöpfer, Manager Airline Business Group, has been at the AFRAA SIS Workshop in Nairobi, May 2011.   

HR regional seminars with Amadeus Ural region 17-18 May 2011

Thank you to all the travel agents attending the seminars in Chelyabinsk (17.05.11) and Ekaterinburg (18.05.11).       

Hahn Air presentation at the university in Varna May 2011

 Andreas Ochse, Mathieu Montmessin and Dorian Deninski from Hahn Air visited the university in Varna, Bulgaria, 20 May 2011. Thanks to all participants for a great day and a fun night at the cocktail reception!