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Hahn Air takes delivery of Cessna CJ4

24 April 2014

Hahn Air, a German scheduled and charter airline, announces that it will take delivery of its second Cessna CJ4 which was ordered last year. The aircraft is expected to arrive from Wichita, U.S.A, at Düsseldorf Airport later today. Based there, it will support Hahn Air’s expansion plans into Frankfurt/Egelsbach.

The additional Cessna CJ4 will complete the renewal and expansion of Hahn Air’s fleet, which began with the delivery of the first aircraft in December 2013.

“The last few months have been eventful for Hahn Air,” said Daniel Rudas, General Manager & COO of Hahn Air Lines. “Next to purchasing two new aircraft, we are extending our scheduled- and charter-flight network to one of the most dynamic business centers in Germany. We couldn’t be more excited about the new stage in Hahn Air’s flight operations.”

“Hahn Air’s acquisition of two CJ4s as an expansion of their Citation fleet further solidifies what is already a terrific relationship with Cessna,” said Scott Ernest, Cessna’s president and CEO. “The CJ4 is a great fit for operators and is widely accepted as the best performing light jet on the market based on speed, runway performance and its excellent range.”



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