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Innovation at Hahnair

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Ongoing proof of concepts (poc) or projects at Hahnair:

  • Blockchain: We are exploring the world of blockchain technology by partnering with Chain4Travel as a Node Validator and looking at potential Proof of Concept projects.
  • NFT: We are building a POC to understand the value and capabilities of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as a distribution model for airlines by working closely with TravelX.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Our AI-chatbot on Facebook Messenger is leveraging AI Natural Language Processing to enhance interaction with our customers. 
  • Big Data: We are looking at Big Data and are conducting an AI analysis by including data about human mobility, fares, schedules and events in our revenue forecast algorithm.
  • Travel distribution: We are preparing for upcoming changes and disruption in the industry’s distribution ecosystem by working closely with biztribution.
  • Future Potential: We are looking into the potential of loyalty programmes with unlimited transferability by collecting and converting cryptocurrencies. 

Contact us

Contact us by writing to for any questions or to voice any potential partnership or Proof of Concept ideas.

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