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楽しいイベントや集いもやがては終わりを迎えてしまいますが、共に過ごした素晴らしい時間の写真は色褪せることはありません。ギャラリーでは、Hahn Airのbバースデーパーティーや会議の様子、集会に出席された皆様をご覧いただけます。

Oman, Martin Trophy, January 2020

Ahmed during his visit to Oman last week where he handed over our Martin Trophy to the Top Performing Agencies in 2019. Here with the team of Al-Irtehal Travel & Tours.

Budapest, Hahn Air workshop, December 2019

Happy to share some pics of a recent Hahn Air workshop in Budapest.

Jamaica, Trafalgar Travel Anniversary Party, December 2019

Some pictures of Cristina's attendance at Trafalgar Travel's 25th anniversary party earlier this month in Jamaica.

Hong Kong, Hahn Air Lunch, December 2019

Joyce from Hahn Air's Global Account Management team hosted a lunch for travel agents in Hong Kong.

Spain, Dit Gestion, December 2019

Some pictures of José's recent attendance at the Dit Gestion in Spain which was attended by over 700 travel agents.