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楽しいイベントや集いもやがては終わりを迎えてしまいますが、共に過ごした素晴らしい時間の写真は色褪せることはありません。ギャラリーでは、Hahn Airのbバースデーパーティーや会議の様子、集会に出席された皆様をご覧いただけます。

Hahn Air Day, September 2022

A big thank you to all travel agent partners around the world. Thank you for celebrating Hahn Air Day with us in 12 locations around the world and for welcoming our team. This year, it was all about sustainability to kick off our partnership with veritree. Mark your calendars for next year's Hahn Air Day on 16th September 2023.

Israel, IMTM 2020, February 2020

From February 11th until February 12th, Hahn Air attended the IMTM in Tel Aviv, Israel. The IMTM is the largest tourism fair in Israel for travel professionals. Kimberley Long and her colleagues Elena Krauss from Hahn Air Systems and Carla Abramovich from our Service Desk where happy to inform about Hahn Air's products and services.

Argentina, Traning sessions about Hahn Air, February 2020

Ignacio Giorgi held two traning sessions in Mar del Plata, Argentina. One for Pezzati Viajes and another one for the local travel agents association.

Saudi Arabia, Martin Trophy Seera Group, January 2020

Ahmed with the team of Seera Group, one of the top performing agencies in Saudi Arabia in 2019.

Saudi Arabia, Martin Trophy, January 2020

Ahmed from Hahn Air's Global Account Management Team at the office of in Saudi Arabia.