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Hahnair: Connecting Travel Agents and Airlines for 25 Years

25 years ago, Hahnair transformed airline distribution and moved to become a connecting force between travel agents and airlines. The travel industry has always been competitive and dynamic. We are proud to have been contributing to our partners’ successes over the past two and a half decades and we extend a heartfelt thank you for their trust and collaboration.
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The Hahnair Story

Find out how a revolutionary idea and a unique vision developed into the leading provider of airline distribution solutions.
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Global Distribution: Air Premia partners with Hahnair

General Manager of Global Sales Yunhak Jung at Air Premia, a Korean-based airline, shares his positive experience working with Hahnair as a partner. He elaborates on the smooth implementation process, Air Premia's goal to expand its GDS distribution and interlining opportunities with Hahnair.
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A success story: PAL Airlines & Hahnair

Meet Louis Gosselin, Territory Sales Manager at PAL Airlines! PAL Airlines, our regional partner in Eastern Canada, has achieved tremendous success in our collaborative journey over the past three years.
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Welcome to connecting the world. We are Hahnair!

What is unique about the Hahnair team? We are passionate, we are international, we are diverse. Our airline clients and travel agency partners appreciate our team spirit, our knowledge and our reliability. It’s the people at Hahnair that make all the difference. In fact, we enjoy working together so much that, on average, Hahnair team members are working here for more than 8 years! If you want to be part of our team, check out vacancies in our career section or send us your CV.
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How airlines benefit from Hahnair's distribution solutions

Airlines can fast-track their global distribution with Hahnair. We eliminate risk, increase airlines' revenue and enable truly global distribution.
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Booking with Confidence: Hahnair Securtix

Hahnair offers a free, comprehensive and automatic insolvency protection with every single HR-169 ticket. In the unlikely event that a flight issued on a HR-169 ticket should be cancelled due to the insolvency of the operating partner airline, Hahnair guarantees a full refund. We also offer extensive financial support to stranded passengers. Introduced in 2010, our insolvency protection just hit an important milestone with 50 million insolvency-safe Hahnair tickets issued.