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Chinese Carrier Shenzhen Airlines activates IET with Hahn Air

17 March 2008

With Shenzhen Airlines, Hahn Air has activated another Chinese carrier for interline e-ticketing (IET), now enabling IATA travel agents to issue Hahn Air e-tickets for China Southern Airlines, China E...

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Hahn Air becomes Dalavia’s first IET partner

3 March 2008

Hahn Air becomes Dalavias first Interline E-Ticketing partner. Hahn Air has been providing Billing Settlement Plan access to the Russian airline Dalavia worldwide since 2003, now offering travel agen...

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Hahn Air concludes its 100th IET Agreement with AeroGal

1 March 2008

In March, Hahn Air ranked 10th in IATAs top 50 carrier list by implemented IETs and is confident that it will become number one with 180 IET partners by the end of 2008. Hahn Air has linked its Amadeu...

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Hahn Air and Amadeus sign on Airport Express Alliance

11 February 2008

Hahn Air, the fastest Interline E-Ticketing implementing airline in 2007, with over 70 agreements and provider of worldwide distribution via GDS and BSP to airlines and railway providers, has signed o...

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Continental Airlines implements Interline E-Ticketing with Hahn Air

30 January 2008

Continental Airlines, one of the top 10 carriers in the world implements an Interline E-Ticketing (IET) agreement with Hahn Air. In addition VARIG, TAM and Luxair were also added to Hahn Airs total of...

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