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Hahn Air interlines with Air Belgium

12 December 2018

Hahn Air announced that it has activated HR-169 ticketing for its new interline partner Air Belgium.

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National Airways joins the H1-Air network

5 December 2018

Hahn Air Systems welcomed National Airways to its network of H1-Air partners. Their agreement allows the Ethiopian carrier with base in Addis Ababa to distribute its domestic and international services in all major GDSs under Hahn Air Systems’ H1 code.

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Hahn Air Systems introduces chatbot Heidi

29 November 2018

Hahn Air Systems, the global consolidation service connecting air, rail and shuttle partners to all major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), launched a chatbot called Heidi today, increasing its digital servicing channels to now include passengers.

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Air Tanzania switches to Hahn Air Systems’ H1-Air product

21 November 2018

Air Tanzania, the national airline of Tanzania and a former HR-169 partner, has signed an agreement with Hahn Air Systems to distribute its services in all major GDSs under the H1 code.

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Avianca Argentina enters global distribution with Hahn Air

13 November 2018

Avianca Argentina (A0), a subsidiary of Synergy Aerospace, has joined Avianca Holdings airlines and Avianca Brazil as Hahn Air’s Interline partner.

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