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Hahn Air partners with Bamboo Airways

26 November 2020

Hahn Air announced that it has recently signed an interline agreement with Vietnamese leisure airline, Bamboo Airways. The new partner joins Hahn Air’s leading network of more than 350 airlines and is available for ticketing on the insolvency-safe HR-169 ticket in the Amadeus and Gaileo GDSs.

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Hahn Air’s NDC platform connects five new partners and accepts BSP cash

18 November 2020

Hahn Air announced that its IATA certified NDC platform now accepts BSP Cash as an additional form of payment for connected travel agencies in more than 190 markets worldwide. At the same time, the company introduces new connections to three air content aggregators, an OTA and an award-winning travel app.

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Hahn Air welcomes six new partner airlines into its leading network

6 October 2020

Ticketing and distribution leader, Hahn Air, announced that it has established contracts with six new partner airlines during the past quarter, bringing the total number of new carriers implemented this year to 13.

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Corendon Airlines Europe chooses Hahn Air Technologies’ X1-Air product

1 October 2020

The Maltese-based airline Corendon Airlines Europe has joined the list of X1-Air partners available in Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport GDSs under the X1 code. To book the airline’s services and issue tickets on the HR-169 document, travel agents can simply use their standard reservation and ticketing process.

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Services of Corendon Airlines available in all major GDSs under H1

8 September 2020

Hahn Air Systems announced that the services of Corendon Airlines are available in all major GDSs under the H1 two-letter code. Travel agents in 190 markets worldwide can book Corendon Airlines’ flights to popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, on the Aegean Sea, the Red Sea and the Atlantic Ocean via the standard reservation process and issue tickets on the insolvency-safe HR-169 document via the standard GDS ticketing process.

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