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Legal section

Terms & Conditions for ticketing on HR-169 documents

Last Update January 2024

Between Hahn Air Lines GmbH, hereafter to referred as “Hahnair” or “HR”, or “The Airline” having its headquarter at An der Trift 65, 63303 Dreieich, Germany and Travel Agents, hereafter to referred to as “The Agent”. 

1. Introduction

This document contains Hahnair’s terms and conditions regarding the issuance of Hahnair documents, i.e.HR 169 stock. They include rules regarding the issuance of electronic documents, reissue and refund. When the Agent does not act in compliance with these terms and conditions, Hahnair may issue an agency debit memo (ADM).

2. Rules and Conditions of Hahnair as ticketing airline and rules of the marketing airline

As a general rule documents may only be issued when in accordance with the applicable rules and conditions of both, Hahnair as the ticketing Airline and in addition to such rules the terms and conditions including the fare rules of the marketing Airline.

3. Relevant IATA Resolutions

Hahnair’s ticketing policy is based on all applicable IATA Resolutions which are part of these general conditions by reference. If not stated otherwise herein the terms of these Resolutions shall apply. Please note that all defined terms in the following IATA Resolutions shall have the meaning as given in the respective IATA Resolution, particularly but not limited to the IATA Resolutions 800, 818 g, 824, 830 a, 852.

In reference to IATA Resolution 824, §3.1 the Agent is authorized to sell air passenger transportation on the services of the ticketing Airline and on the service of other airlines as authorized by the ticketing Airline. IATA Resolution 824, § 3.2 requires the Agent to sell all services on behalf of the Airline in compliance with Airline’s tariffs, conditions of carriage and the written instruction of the Airline as provided to the Agent.

Please observe Hahnair’s instructions on as amended from time to time. The Agent must also comply with the rules and procedures published by local settlement systems, e.g. BSP, ARC, TCH.

4. Conditions of Carriage 

The Conditions of Carriage of the ticketed Airline, i.e. the marketing Carrier are applicable. In case of issuance of a fare of a Code Sharing Carrier the applicable fare rules and conditions of such Code Sharing Carrier must be observed by the Agent. Please note that regarding general conditions such as, baggage allowance, excess baggage etc. the terms and conditions of the operating Airline may apply. Links to the terms and conditions of the respective carriers are provided in the Partner Airlines area of

5. Passenger Information

The Conditions of Carriage of the marketing airline and all relevant information, e.g. fare rules shall be provided to the passenger with the e-ticket confirmation. Please note that travel will only be possible if your customer holds all transit and destination documents (e.g. valid visa and passports, health documents, proof of sufficient funds etc.) for the chosen itinerary and do advise your customers accordingly.

6. Ticketing Availability Information/HR Quick Check Tool

Regarding ticketing availability on HR 169 document in your market please check via Hahnair’s Quick-Check tool on Certain fares are restricted from issuance on HR document. Please also check the rules of the respective fare basis (e.g. Sales Restrictions, Flight Restrictions, etc.) filed in the GDS. You may also contact the Hahnair Service Desk at

7. Credit Card Acceptance

The Agent may accept credit cards subject to the Rules & Procedures outlined in IATA Resolution 890 and in accordance with the following policy: The Agent shall ensure that the type of card processed during the sale is accepted by Hahnair.

Information about Hahnair’s credit card acceptance in your market can be found on the Quick Check tool

The Hahnair UATP card is accepted for payment of all issued HR/169 documents. For details please refer to the Hahnair UATP Card terms & conditions.

8. Changes (Bookings/Documents)

When making certain changes in a passenger name record (PNR), e.g. flight/date/routing/fare/booking class, the corresponding document must be reissued along with the change transaction and shall contain the necessary adjustments. If not, the booking may be cancelled due to ticketing deadline control.

Please observe the relevant published fare rules of the fare owning carriers and the applicable IATA provisions, e.g. IATA Ticketing Handbook, Passenger Air Tariffs General Rules. A rebooking fee is always non-refundable.

9. Refunds

Hahnair’s Refund Policy can be found at A refund of unused documents or a portion thereof shall be made in accordance with the following conditions: Refund of a completely unused or partially used ticket shall only be made on request of the passenger. Refund requests have to be supported with the complete PNR (Passenger Name Record) history and further documentation to support your claim.

Refunds shall only be made in the form of payment which was originally used. In case of Credit Card payment the refund shall only be made to the same credit card number.

9.1. Voluntary Refund

  • Voluntary Refunds are always subject to the specific fare rules;
  • Agents are requested to process refunds via GDS. In case any assistance is needed, agents may submit a refund application via BSPlink or TCH Connect.

9.2. Involuntary Refund

  • Processing of Involuntary Refunds (e.g. due to flight irregularity) are restricted to the issuing Airline and are subject to Hahnair’s decision based on the marketing and/or operating airlines’ terms and conditions and written instructions subject to applicable, enforceable local rules and regulations, e.g. passenger protection laws and jurisprudence.
  • Involuntary Refunds shall only be requested by a refund application via BSP Link and TCH Connect. ARC agents shall contact Hahnair via email for refund authorization.
  • Requests have to be supported by the PNR history and further relevant supporting documents.

10. Agency Debit Memos

Agency memos are a legitimate accounting tool for use by Airlines to collect amounts or make adjustments to Agent transactions in respect of the issuance and use of Standard Traffic Documents issued by the Agent. Hahnair’s ADM policy stands in accordance with IATA Resolution 850m (Passenger Agency Conference Resolutions Manual). All the provisions of the resolutions agreed by the Passenger Agency Conference will apply. Regarding details please refer to the Hahnair ADM Policy.

Disputes of Debit Memos are to be made in writing. They must be made via BSPLink or, TCH Connect, ARC etc.. The dispute reason must be stated including supporting documents. Disputed Debit Memos will be finalized in a timely manner. In case of rejected disputes, detailed information and explanations of the reason of rejection will be provided to the Agent.

Please use the information available on or the assistance of our service desk to clarify any issues in order to avoid subsequent debit memos.

11. Fraud

Hahnair reserves the right to immediately suspend all open coupons for future and past flight dates according to IATA Resolution 850 Attachment G:

  1. when a credit card chargeback was filed against Hahnair with regards to the concerned ticket by the card holder.
  2. when the Agent, the GSA, the CC card scheme or the acquirer, or the GDS reports that a ticket was issued fraudulently.  

It is the Agent who is responsible to inform its passengers about the suspension of the flight coupons in due time. In case of involvement of NON IATA subagencies the IATA agency is responsible.

Hahnair shall not be held liable in case of suspensions resulting in a refusal of carriage by the operating carrier.

12. Administrative Fees

All applicable Hahnair fees are displayed in the Hahnair ADM policy and the Hahnair Refund policy.