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Legal section

Terms & Conditions for ticketing on HR-169

(last edited: December 2012)

Hahn Air Lines GmbH
An der Trift 65, 63303 Dreieich


The purpose of this document is to inform our agency partners about the Hahn Air Lines GmbH (Hahn Air) ticketing policies for sales and issuance of Hahn Air fares and tickets; rules for ticket validation; rules on electronic ticket issuance including flight and electronic ticket confirmation, payment conditions as well as reissue and refund rules.
Compliance with the Hahn Air ticketing policy is important to avoid negative impacts for our travel partners, customers and Hahn Air. By non-compliance, retroactive costs via agency debit memo (ADM) may apply as described in this policy (Clause 11).
Hahn Air reserves the right to amend and/or to adapt and/or to delete rules described in this document at any time.

IATA resolutions supporting this ticketing policy

The Hahn Air ticketing policy is supported by the following IATA Resolutions which are part of these general conditions by reference. If not stated otherwise herein the terms of these Resolutions shall apply. Please note that all defined terms in the following IATA Resolutions shall have the meaning as given in the respective IATA Resolution.
IATA Resolution 800, Passenger Sales Agency Rules, and IATA Resolution 824, Passenger Sales Agency Agreement.
In reference to the IATA Resolution 824, §3.1 the agent is authorized to sell air passenger transportation on the services of the Airline and on the service of other airlines as authorized by the Airline. The sale of air passenger transportation means all activities necessary to provide passenger with a valid contract of carriage. This includes processing of the payment until the full amount due for the travel sold has been received by Hahn Air. Only when full payment has been successful effected towards Hahn Air a valid contract of carriage has been concluded. IATA Resolution 824, § 3.2 requires the agent to sell all services sold pursuant to this agreement on behalf of the Airline in compliance with Airline’s tariffs, conditions of carriage and the written instruction of the Airline as provided to the Agent. These instructions are as given herein and on as amended from time to time by publication therein. The Agent shall not vary or modify the terms and conditions set forth in any Traffic Document used for services provided by the Airline, and the agent shall complete these documents in the manner prescribed by the Airline.
Pursuant to IATA Resolution 852 for the issuance of documents on behalf of the Airline and in compliance with Airline’s validation principle; the agent shall comply with the instructions issued by the BSP, the ticketing and the transporting Airline in relation to the issuance and reporting of electronic tickets.
IATA Resolution 830a and 850m on the issuing and processing of Agency Debit Memos.
IATA Resolution 890, §1- 4, the Agents shall comply with the resolution and instructions issued by the BSP Manual and the ticketing Airline in relation to acceptance of credit cards.

For fare changes the following applies:

Transportation shall be subject to the fares and charges in effect on the date, on which ticket is issued, for travel on the specific dates and journey shown on the ticket.
Provided no voluntary change is made to the originating flight, no increase in fare effected through a change in fare level, a change in conditions governing the fare, or cancellation of the fare itself, shall apply.
In the event of a voluntary change to the originating flight, the fares and charges for the passenger's journey shall be recalculated in accordance with the fares and charges in effect for the chosen booking class on the date on which the change is made and is reflected on the ticket.

In the event payment is made prior to confirmation of reservations for the originating flight, the fares and charges for the passenger's journey shall be recalculated in accordance with the fares and charges in effect on the date on which the confirmation is made.
Airline Validation Rule

According to the definition in IATA Resolution 852, an Airline can be used as validating Airline provided that:

  •     it is a BSP member and eligible for electronic ticketing in the market
  •     it has interline agreements with all marketing and operating airlines part of the itinerary
  •     it is part of the itinerary or is authorized for ticketing by one airline part of the itinerary

The Quick-Check tool on provides you with all airlines and the possible combinations of airlines, that are available for ticketing on HR-169 in your market following this guidance.
In case of interline bookings the validation principles may be overruled by any other sales restriction, filed in the fare note cat 15 or in the fare rules. Please note the detail information given in the Quick Check.
You find more information about the airlines that can be ticketed on HR/169 on or you may contact the Hahn Air Service Desk at

Conditions of Carriage

The Conditions of Carriage of the carrier operating the ticketed transportation will be applicable.
These can be found at the respective carriers website, links are provided in the Partner Airlines area of

Electronic Ticket Document

The e-ticket (electronic ticket) as defined by IATA Reso 722f consists of the following:
E-flight coupons have consecutive coupon numbers within a range of one (1) through four (4), as applicable, and being issued in sequence of travel.
A maximum of four (4) flight coupons per ticket number issued.
A maximum of four (4) consecutive tickets issued for one journey (max.16 flight coupons).

The e-ticket (electronic ticket) as defined by IATA Reso722f shall contain the following:

  •  Passenger name: family name / full first name & gender (title optional), Hahn Air can accept max. 29 characters (including slash)
  •  Airline designator or name of Marketing Airline; name of Operating Airline;
  •  Flight number(s); Date of flight(s); flight departure time(s);
  • For each flight, origin and destination Airport/City code;
  • Fare (base amount); equivalent Fare amount (when applicable); Taxes/Fee/Charges;
  • Ticket document amount BT, IT (when applicable);
  • Fare calculation
  • Form of payment;
  • Reservation status;
  • Date of issue; Issuing Agency; Airline name and place of issue; Baggage Allowance for the each segment
  • Ticket/Document number(s); Endorsement/Restrictions.

The electronic traffic document includes the electronic or written flight itinerary confirmation, including airfare and payment details, provided by the travel agency.

Ticket Notices

The Conditions of Contract of both the ticketing and the transporting airlines and other important notice shall be provided with the e-ticket confirmation used for interline international carriage as shown below.

The Ticket Notices or reference to IATA Resolution 724 is mandatory. Carriage and other services provided by the airline are subject to Conditions of Carriage, which are hereby incorporated by reference to IATA Resolution 724.

Please note that travel will only be possible if your customer holds all transit and destination documents (e.g. valid visa and passports, health documents, proof of sufficient funds etc) for the chosen itinerary and advice your customers accordingly.

Credit Card Sales Rules - Card Acceptance


Credit Card Acceptance

The Agent may accept cards as payment for ticket sales on behalf of the Airline whose ticket being issued; subject to the Rules & Procedures outlined in IATA Resolution 890 and in chapter 10 and/or 14 of the billing and settlement plan manual for Agents.
You may accept cards as payment for ticket sales where this is in line with the following policy:
The Agent shall ensure that the type of card processed during the sale is accepted by Hahn Air for the specific fare and the specific ticketing scenario.
For HR169 validation documents only cards contracted with Hahn Air may be accepted. These are all general credit cards:  AX, CA, VI and TP.
Exceptions may apply for your country, please use the information provided at or contact the Hahn Air Service Desk for specific enquiries.
The Hahn Air UATP card is accepted for payment of all HR/169 documents issued. For details please refer to the Hahn Air UATP Card terms & Conditions.



Refunds of a total unused or partially used ticket shall only be refunded on request of the passenger and only to the credit card number which has originally been used for payment. Refunds will be processed according to the refund rules of the issued tariffs, and only if in line with fare rules and only for unused tickets or the unused portion of a ticket.

Fare Guarantee

A fare and tariff is only guaranteed when the fare was auto-quoted by system and the ticket was issued as provided for in the respective fare rules, with ticket number, based on confirmed flights and the ticket was reported in the BSP.
Auto-quoted fares stored but not ticketed are subject to any price change. The ticketed fare remains guaranteed up to a voluntary flight and/or itinerary change. Any change needs observation of the corresponding fare rule and followed respectively. This applies to taxes equally that need reassessment in case of reissue/rerouting before departure.
Hahn Air tickets established with manual fare quotations are subject to control and any fare discrepancies are subject to agent debit memos.

Hahn Air Booking / Reservation Change Rule


HR169 e-ticket rebooking process

By changing a flight in a passenger booking record, the corresponding e-ticket shall be fare and flight adjusted within that change transaction. That guarantees an effective customer service with smooth check-in before flight departure by avoiding the risk that the flight bookings could be cancelled due to ticketing deadline control.

A flight change transaction performed without e-ticket adaptation for e.g. fare adjustment and/or change fee collection including ticket reissue will become subject to ADM.

Possible Ticket Adjustment Procedures


a) E-ticket reissue/rerouting and collection of change fee

A change fee may be included in the tax field of the new ticket with tax item code DU, e.g. EUR 100DU and by writing in the ticket endorsement box: RBKG FEE HR xxx/date /from-to.
The fare difference can be added to the total fare amount of the new ticket

b) E-ticket change fee on EMD

Issue a EMD with the corresponding reason for issuance code PENF.

You may find detailed information about EMD issuance in the Ticketing HR-169 section / HR-EMD on our website and in the help pages provided by your GDS.

(Changes to class and routing may only be done if authorized in writing by the airline operating the respective routes.)

c) E-ticket reissue/rerouting and refundable balance

The e-ticket shall be re-issued and any fare difference issued/refunded on a EMD with the corresponding reason for issuance code RSVR, Residual Value for Refundable balance. A balance shall be transmitted with a refund application to the HR refunds department.
Important, a rebooking fee is always non-refundable and this rule applies without exception no matter whether collected with EMD and or as “DU” tax amount in the ticket.

The DU code is supported in GDS: 1A; 1G; 1P; 1V, and 1S. DU code is not supported in the US (ARC) and BR (BSP) markets.
1J does not support DU or CP codes in a ticketing process.

d) Cancellation Policy

A EMD can be cancelled/voided on the day of issuance. After that, if applicable, a refund application (RA) in BSPlink is necessary. Refund rules apply as outlined below.

General Refund Principle

The latest refund policy can be found at .
Voluntary Refund means a refund of an unused ticket or portion thereof other than an involuntary refund. A refund application for unused tickets or portion thereof shall be made in accordance with the following conditions:

Refund is always subject to the specific fare rules;
Only unused tickets or unused portions of a ticket are eligible for refund;
Voluntary refund of a Hahn Air electronic ticket shall be applied for via BSPlink by the agent according to the Hahn Air refund rules;
Cancel/refund conditions apply per fare component and for each applicable fare note in one ticket.

Exception to the rule: in case of no-show for fares stating in fare note chapter 16: TICKET IS NON-REFUNDABLE IN CASE OF NO-SHOW the entire ticket is non-refundable and the definition (TICKET) in the fare note overrules the per fare component cancellation policy.
Involuntary Refund means a refund of an unused ticket or portion thereof other than a voluntary refund. Involuntary (irregularity) refunds are restricted to the issuing Airline and to the operating airlines decision of involuntary treatment or not. Hahn Air may authorize or request support by travel agents to involuntary refund or possibly reissue a HR ticket according to specifically advised conditions.
A HR169 passenger ticket expires two years after its date of issue. Expired Tickets shall not be exchanged for, or being used as payment towards further travel. It is exclusively valid for refund, if any, through the Hahn Air refund department.
Administrative Fees apply as per Chapter 13 hereof.
Hahn Air may request an administration charge for refund calculation of expired documents.
For detailed information on Hahn Air refund rules, contact your local Hahn Air representative and local agency or visit

General ADM/ACM Policy


ADM Principles

Agency debit memos are a legitimate accounting tool for use by all BSP Airlines to collect amounts or make adjustments to Agent transactions in respect of the issuance and use of Standard Traffic Documents issued by the Agent.
Alternative uses of agency debit memo may exist provided that consultation has taken place either individually with the Agent or a local representation of Agents, or through the applicable local joint consultative forum.
ADMs may apply in the following situations:

  • Wrong airline validation
  • Wrong fare pricing or wrong passenger type for selected fare
  • Wrong interpretation of fare rules in connection with change or refund handling
  • Not observing ticket issuance as per ticketing deadline
  • Not observing point of commencement of travel and a fare established for use in sequence
  • Not observing the rules and regulations presented on, including any advice given in the Quick-Check results.

Furthermore, wrong ticketing may result in excessive interline billing to HR by partner airlines which will be forwarded to the ticketing agent.

  • Ticket was voided but used
  • Ticket was voided but PNR not cancelled within 24 hrs and before departure of the flight
  • Ticket amount was subject to a chargeback but subsequently used

Please use the assistance available on and via our service desk to clarify any issues before ticket issuance – we try to assist you in avoiding ADMs as far as possible.
There are situations were an agency credit memo (ACM) may be issued to you, such as the following:
By mistake over collection in ticketed fare, wrong fare calculation or fare recalculation or downgrade when in favor of the customer and eligible for refund, subject to the chosen tarif.


ADM Policy

The policy stands in accordance with IATA Resolution 850m (Passenger Agency Conference Resolutions Manual). All the provisions of the resolutions agreed by the Passenger Agency Conference will apply.


Minimum ADM Value

The minimum value for a single Agency debit memo is EUR 15. In case of persistent errors, the minimum debit value shall not be applicable. The minimum value does not apply either if ADM reason is linked to commission, fuel surcharge or refund. For missing and/or incorrect taxes the minimum amount is set at EUR 15.


ADM Issuance

Agency debit memos specify in detail as to why a charge is being made. Agency debit memos will only be processed through the BSP if issued latest nine months after final travel date. Any debit action initiated beyond this period will be handled directly between the BSP Airline and Agent i.e. by issuing invoice.
Agency debit memos are issued using BSPLink. The ADMs show the contacts of the respective department having knowledge about the debit memo and provides detailed information about the reason for it. One ADM per ticket is issued. For specific items (e.g. tax) one ADM may be issued for multiple tickets.
ADM reason according to the following audit results:


Fare Audit

  •     Incorrect fare application and combinability (e.g. routing or sales restrictions)
  •     Incorrect fare value (under collection)
  •     Minimum / maximum stay, advanced purchase rules
  •     Seasonality, flight applications
  •     Codeshare flights not allowed
  •     Stopovers, transfers and surcharges
  •     Incorrect RBD (booking class), on HR and on other Airlines
  •     Incorrect Fare Basis (eg use of not permitted IT/Nego fares)
  •     Discounts (e.g. seamen fares)


Exchange Audit

  • Missing rebooking fee, calculated per transaction
  • Missing fee in case of name change/correction (for correction a new PNR must be created by the agent and old ticket to be refunded against applicable refund charges via BSP, following approval of service desk)
  • Incorrect calculation of re-issue / re-routing


Plating Violation

In case of plating violation (IATA Resolution 852, Designation and Selection of Ticketing Airline), an administrative fee as per Chapter 13 applies. Where the fare rules of the operating airline prohibit plating on another airlines document, (CAT 15), we will have to charge the next higher applicable fare according to RAM up to the full YY-IATA fare, as Hahn Air is charged with this higher fare by the respective operating airline.


Accounting Audit

Chargeback of CC-Payment
FOP not permitted
Collection of commission (standard & supplementary)

Tax & Fuel surcharge audit
Incorrect collection of taxes and fuel surcharges; i.e. missing taxes, wrong altered taxes, and missing or wrong fuel surcharge amounts and already used taxes refunded by mistake.

Refund audit
Incorrect calculation of refund amount, taxes and fuel
Incorrect application of cancellation penalty (e.g. in case of no-show)
Tickets which are flown, but refunded, will be charged according to issued fare/refund

Unreported SalesTickets which are issued, but not reported and later flown, are charged up to applicable fare
Use of VOID ticket

Administrative Fee
Administrative Fees apply as per Chapter 13 hereof.

Dispute Handling
Disputes of ADMs are to be delivered in writing. They have to be handled via BSPLink, or via e-mail after reception of the ADM, indicating dispute reason and including supporting documentation. Disputed ADMs will be clarified in a timely manner, limited in BSPlink to a maximum of 60 days. In case of rejected disputes, detailed information and explanations about reason of rejection will be provided to the agent.

ACM Issuance
In the event that agency debit memos have been discovered as unjustified, an agency credit memo will be issued to credit the respective amount.
In case a correction in favor of the customer is required due to over-collection of fares with a ticket or exchange-ticket, upon request of the agent an ACM covering the respective amount can be issued.

Administrative Fees apply as per Chapter 13 hereof.

Hahn Air reserves the right to amend the ADM policy at any time; this includes partial changes, deletions and the adoption of a new ADM policy. Hahn Air attempts to inform timely about any changes to allow agencies time for implementation of changes.

Administrative Fees


1. Issuance of an ADMEUR 30,00 per ticket
For example for:

  • miscalculated refunds
  • miscalculated reissues
  • wrongly applied commission
  • fully refunded non-refundable fares due to flight cancellation without attachment of PNR history or the appropriate authorization of the airline concerned
  • the ADM Charge will be tripled (= EUR 90,00 per ticket) in case of refund even though the passenger travelled on the ticket

2. Issuance of an ACMEUR 30,00 per ticket
For example:

  • based on a refund application provided that the documents and appropriate evidence required (e.g. ticket, PNR history, boarding pass etc.) have not been submitted completely by the agent in the first place
  • for wrongly applied commission

3. Additional ServicesEUR 30,00 per ticket
For example:

  • for conversion from one form of payment to another
  • for using HR document (169) for carriers and fares not explicitly mentioned on our website
  • for using HR document (169) for carriers not complying with the IATA rules for selection of the ticketing airline (IATA Travel Agent's Handbook, Resolution 852, Paragraph 2)


4. Lost documentEUR 50,00 per ticket
For example:

  • in conjunction with a lost document application
  • for an incomplete document submitted for refund, i.e. without flight coupons and/or passenger receipts (attention: some BSPs require the complete document including the passenger receipt for any refund for an incomplete document submitted for reissue, i.e. without flight coupons

5. Refund of VMPDEUR 50,00 per ticket


PNRPassenger name record
RBDReservation booking designator
ET / ETKTe-ticket
VMPD Virtual miscellaneous document ( replacement process for manual MCO)
EMD-S / EMD-AElectronic miscellaneous document S = standalone / A = associated
ADM Agency debit memo
ACMAgency credit memo
BSPBSP Billing and Settlement Plan
GDSGlobal Distribution System
GSAGeneral sales agent