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Hahn Air activates IET with Jet4you, SkyGeorgia and Lufttransport

5 February 2009

Hahn Air has activated Interline E-Ticketing (IET) with Jet4you, SkyGeorgia and Lufttransport. The Regional Carriers from Morocco, Georgia and Norway have choosen Hahn Airs e-go 169 plus solution to c...

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Hahn Air opens new Sales Office in Uruguay

4 February 2009

Effective February 1st 2009, Hahn Air has opened a new sales office in Montevideo/ Uruguay. From there, Regional Director Marta Parula will coordinate all sales and marketing related needs on behalf o...

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Hahn Air participating in INFINI

23 January 2009

Hahn Air has been activated as most recent participating carrier in the Japanese Global Distribution System (GDS) INFINI. Established in 1990, INFINI Travel Information, Inc. is 60 percent owned by Al...

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Hahn Air in BSP Yemen

5 January 2009

Effective January 01st 2009, Hahn Air became the 13th member airline of BSP Yemen. All IATA travel agencies in the area may now issue Hahn Air (HR-169) tickets for more than 100 of Hahn Airs partner c...

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Hahn Air activates IET with Alaska Airlines / Horizon Air

11 November 2008

Hahn Air has activated Interline E-Ticketing (IET) with Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. Seattle based Alaska Airlines and its subsidiary Horizon Air serve more than 60 cities in three countries (USA,...

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