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Hahn Air Systems: Italian railway company NTV now available in the GDS under the 5W code

11 March 2014

Hahn Air Systems announces the signing of an agreement with Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori “NTV” which links the Italian rail operator to over 91,000 travel agencies worldwide through major Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

Available under the two-letter code 5W (speed-alliance®), NTV has joined the ranks of other high-speed railway providers that have chosen Hahn Air’s speed-alliance® in order to be distributed through GDS in more than 190 markets.

NTV, offering high-speed rail services to destinations in Italy, including Bologna, Milan, Naples, Rome and Venice, appears alongside airlines on selected routes in the GDS for the first time ever. Nicola Bonacchi, sales director at NTV describes the signing of the agreement as a milestone in NTV’s distribution strategy.

He adds: “Thanks to Hahn Air’s speed-alliance® travel agents can now combine NTV routes with flights. This strengthens our commercial strategy, will enlarge our catchment area and will support us to meet our customers’ needs.” More information on NTV and other speed-alliance® partners available under the 5W code can be found on Hahn Air’s website.



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Director Marketing
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Corporate Communications Manager
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