Tus Airways

Cyprus - founded: 2015

This carrier is displayed in your GDS under the two-letter code H1.

Tus Airways is a scheduled carrier based at Larnaca International Airport (LCA), Cyprus.

It serves 12 routes in 4 countries, including Cyprus, Greece, Israel and Italy.

Code Phone/Fax E-Mail Web Verschiedenes
U8 +357-24-0000-65 info@tusairways.com www.tusairways.com

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Baggage Rules

  • Carry-on: 1 piece per passenger free of charge (max 55x45x18 cm, max 8kg)
  • 1st checked bag: No free baggage allowance. To order checked baggage, please liaise directly with the operating carrier.
  • Additional/special baggage (eg. oversized baggage or sports equipment): extra costs may apply. Please liaise directly with the operating carrier.