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Unser Unternehmen

Wir sind der führende Anbieter von Vertriebslösungen für Fluggesellschaften und Ticketing-Experte für Reisebüromitarbeiter.

Was macht Hahnair?

Hahnair ist eine deutsche Linien- und Executive-Charter-Fluggesellschaft. Seit 1999 unterstützt sie andere Fluggesellschaften mit umfassenden Dienstleistungen im indirekten Vertrieb und schafft damit Ticketing-Lösungen für 100.000 Reisebüros in 190 Märkten. Mit mehr als 20 Jahren Erfahrung hat sich das Unternehmen als Marktführer etabliert. Heute umfasst das Hahnair-Netzwerk über 350 Partner-Fluggesellschaften.

Das Unternehmen agiert ausschließlich im B2B-Bereich und stellt seine Vertriebs- und Ticketing-Lösungen exklusiv Transportpartnern und Reisebüros zur Verfügung. Dennoch profitieren auch Reisende von der größeren Auswahl an Strecken, Anbietern und Zielen. Jedes Jahr sind weltweit Millionen Passagiere mit den Hahnair HR-169-Tickets zwischen 4.000 Destinationen unterwegs. Sie ist die erste und einzige Fluggesellschaft, die im Falle der Insolvenz des ausführenden Transportunternehmens eine kostenlose und umfassende Erstattung anbietet. Hahnair ist Mitglied der International Air Transport Association (IATA) und eine global vernetzte Akteurin mit großem Einfluss in der Luftfahrtbranche.

Hahnair ist zu 100 % im Besitz der Hahnair-Gruppe, einer international tätigen Gesellschaft mit Sitz in Dreieich, in der Nähe von Frankfurt am Main. Basisflughäfen der Fluggesellschaft sind Düsseldorf und Frankfurt Egelsbach. Die Firmengruppe hat Niederlassungen unter anderem in Minneapolis, Montevideo, Casablanca, Neu-Delhi, Manila und Johannesburg.

Alessandro Ciancimino
Vice President, Air Line of Business, EMEA  |  Sabre Trave Network  |  Southlake, USA

Sabre has been partnering with Hahn Air since September 1998 and we are united by a commitment to make travel distribution easier, more efficient and more valuable for all players in the travel ecosystem.

In an industry that is fast-moving and ever more complex, strong partnerships are key to success. We’d like to thank Hahn Air for our successful collaboration and are looking forward to the working together with their team in the future.

Ali Saroukhani
CEO  |  Abnoos Gasht   |  Tehran, Iran

Hahn Air has the perfect products to improve the business at any time with reliable services.
Alejandro Duarte
Tucano Tours  |  Commercial Manager  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina

We have been working with Hahn Air since it started in Argentina many years ago. We've always felt that Hahn Air made a big contribution to all travel agencies by providing sales tools that offer airlines from around the world that are not in our BSP. As a consolidator, Hahn Air is a great help to give alternatives to our clients. The new website of Hahn Air is very useful to check which airlines we can issue with Hahn Air, and to get the fare basis and other tools that help us to make our job better.
Alvaro Castilla
Commercial Manager   |  Travel Security  |  Santiago de Chile, Chile

We would like to congratulate Hahn Air on this anniversary. Thank you for the service you provide and which allows us to give more and better options to our customers with an excellent service.

Hahn Air is easy to use, giving us a better choice of airlines and routes, and always offering support for any doubt.

Andrew Webb
COO  |  Fly Corporate  |  Canberra, Australia

It's been a pleasure working with our Hahn Air Systems Manager Thomas and the H1-Air team as our regional airline has grown to 13 ports and over 160 flights per week. The affordable distribution provided and technology available has resulted in a seamless solution for our valued passengers. Thank you Hahn Air!
Andrés Vanegas
Director Alliances  |  Avianca Brasil  |  Brazil

Before our association with Hahn Air, we had very restricted or no distribution via GDSs. We were new to this channel with very high distribution costs and limited resources to manage worldwide sales. We had our own GDS contracts with Sabre, Travelport and Amadeus and were members of only two BSPs. The proper solution for us was an interline agreement with Hahn Air. It gave us the opportunity to expand our distribution capacity significantly.

The benefits included the capacity to sell at a higher yield and increase sales in market where we could not join the BSPs at the time, for example Russia, USA, China, Japan and several countries in Europe. Today, we are member of more than 30 BSPs and we continue to expand our GDSs coverage. We have successfully transitioned to an international carrier, flying to Chile, Colombia and the USA and Hahn Air maintain itself as a trusted partner for every new market. 

Anna Brege
Product Manager Nordic  |  Ticket Travelagency  |  Stockholm, Sweden

We have had an excellent cooperation with Hahn Air since several years. By using Hahn Air we are also insured in case of possible bankruptcies.
Anneke Guldenhuys
General Manager  |  Harveyworld Travel SA  |  Johannesburg, South Africa

We love working with Hahn Air, they give us options not available via the traditional streams and we can offer them to our customers. More options lead to more revenue and satisfied customers. Their staff is friendly and helpful in any event where things might not go as planned.
Astrid Kosmalla
Assistant to the General Manager  |  Schule für Touristik Weigand   |  Frankfurt, Germany

We are a very well established school for education in tourism and airline business. Hahn Air has been a very professional partner for years already. Hahn Air is supporting us by presenting its business model to our students. Some of our students are working for Hahn Air today. 
Begum Jaulim
Travel Agency Manager  |  Bluesky  |  Port-Louis, Mauritius

As a CIP Plate, Hahn Air allows us to sell airlines which do not have a local representation. It is user friendly and documentations are clearly filed in the website. We get rapid response from their Helpdesk when required. For sure we will recommend Hahn Air to other travel agents.
Beth Goldberg
Wayland Travel  |  Manager of Air team and contracting  |  Wayland Travel

Hahn Air couldn’t be any easier and is so simple to work with – verifications via the website verify the ticketing relationships they have for the country and GDS including forms of payment allowed. The 24-hour service center is a reliable tool when you have ticketing questions as well as re-issue or schedule change situations.

Having a support system helps eliminate debits and provides re-assurance on smaller airlines. I would highly recommend Hahn to anyone in the travel industry.

Bindi Gata
Senior Ticketing & Reservation Consultant   |  Holiday Bazaar  |  Nairobi, Kenya

Hahn Air's vision is a perfect example showing how small the world is now. Hahn Air has made it easier for us at Holiday Bazaar to book flights that are not normally available on the GDS.

This is added revenue to our company as we don't need to tell our clients to book online. Their website is pretty easy-to-use and in case of any queries they are quick on emails too.

Bishwo Shreshta
Ticketing & Reservation Consultant  |  Harvest Moon Travels&Tours P.Ltd  |  Kathmandu, Nepal

Hahn Air helps us to issue and sell tickets of offline airlines which do not have any flight or any city office in Nepal. The main benefit is to get more information on offline carriers from all around the world.

Yes, I recommend Hahn Air's services to other travel agents, because they could get up-to-date information on offline carriers, too.

Bridget Reyersbach
Travel Manager   |  Medtravel PTY LTD  |  Durban, South Africa

What an awesome product, I use it all the time and feel comfortable and confident when booking Hahn Air. The website is straightforward and easy to use and if you do need additional assistance the call centre is only a phone call away. Their service is excellent I have spoken with them on numerous occasions and they have left me feeling more knowledgeable and comfortable that my query was handled correctly.
Caren Giddy
Senior Manager Traveller Experience  |  Carlson Wagonlit Travel  |  Pretoira, South Africa

Hahn Air has only ever provided excellent services continuously. We are able to now issue various airlines (that we could not in the past) on Hahn Air tickets using credit card as form of payment. We would absolutely recommend them! The process is time saving, and beneficial to both the agent and the traveler.
Carlos Martinez
Commercial Director  |  Mayair  |  Cancun, Mexico

We are happy to have chosen Hahn Air as our major distribution system for our inventory and flights. With Hahn Air we are present in all worldwide GDSs and easily shown to the world as the airline from the Mexican Caribbean.

As a result our figures improved in al aspects, but the moste important is that through Hahn Air we could reach new markets worldwide.

Carol Whittle
Unique Travel Service Ltd.  |  Managing Director  |  Kingston, Jamaica

I am truly grateful to Hahn Air for opening the doors to the worldwide destinations that were previously closed for sale to us. The positive impact of this access to our agency far outweighs the fact that we do not receive commission from Hahn Air. The level of support offered by our local representative, Cristina, and the Service desk is invaluable.

I can be assured of a response to my emails and the ability to call the desk via the customer service line is an added benefit. I am one of the biggest fans of Hahn Air and look forward to many more years of doing business with you.

Colleen Pigford
International Travel Consultant  |  Grindrod Limited  |  Durban, South Africa

Every airline will claim that they have friendly, helpful and experienced staff, but I can honestly say Hahn Air have the best. The benefits are endless just to name a few, a 24 hour help desk, a huge supply of airlines under one code offering more choice for the customer which means more sales, insolvency insurance, one ADM waiver per year and refunds guaranteed in 14 days as well as a user friendly system with so much information and just a click of a button away. I would definitely recommend Hahn Air to any travel agent as their service is of a high standard and their core focus is the travel agent.
Collins Hamaiya
Travel Consultant  |  Destination Zambia  |  Lusaka, Zambia

First of all, we want to congratulate Hahn Air on their 20th Anniversary!

One of the many great advantages of Hahn Air is that they give us a wider selection of tickets and access to low cost carriers.

This enables us to sell more tickets. Hahn Air is a really trustful partner and the availability of the service desk round the clock helps us to solve our problems fast.   

David Emmanuel De Alba
Volaris  |  OTA & Sales  |  Mexico City, Mexico

Volaris has found in Hahn Air a key partner that help us grow our market expansion as well as let us reach new customers around the world that want to fly with the best service at the lowest price, along our route network. Distributing Volaris flights through Hahn Air not only in the countries where we have operations currently, but worldwide, has become a win-win business for both companies and has permitted us to build an amiable relationship between both commercial teams. They have been at all moments open to understand and expand our low cost model.
Dayram Tamrakar
Executive Director  |  Muskan Travel&Tours P. Ltd  |  Kathmandu, Nepal

We have lots of options with Hahn Air with multiple Airlines. We use, for example, group bookings with HR and additional carriers under the H1 code.

Yes, we would recommend Hahn Air's services for getting multiple ticketing options worldwide.

Declan Peppard
Managing Director  |  Simba Travelcare  |  Kampala, Uganda

I would say that Hahn Air has probably been one of the biggest and best benefits to the travel agency world in the past 20 years, next to e-ticketing. Issuing tickets for services of carriers that were not represented or who had no presence in our home markets, was a major major challenge and in most cases we were unable to fulfil our customers’ expectations. So Hahn Air was a real saviour for us. Thank you for the continued awesome work and we wish you another 20 years of successes.
Deena Baxter
Senior Consultant  |  Global Business Travel   |  Rivonia, South Africa

It's really awesome having a local representative and go-between with some of the African Airlines that we deal with on a daily basis, as well as those strange and 'exotic' airlines. I find Hahn Air services very efficient especially when we have a crisis, they are very quick to get back to us with a reply. Candy you are always willing to assist and go that extra mile with getting back to us. It is an absolute pleasure dealing with Hahn Air.
Dharmender Kumar
General Manager  |  Satguru Travels&Tours  |  Accra, Ghana

I love working with Hahn Air because they are very supportive and very fast in action in case something goes wrong. Also it has more than 350 Air, Rail and Shuttle Partners which makes it easier to provide more options to our clients. The main benefit using Hahn Air's ticketing is that it's very easy and it is the leading provider of distribution services for air, rail and shuttle partners. Yes i would recommend Hahn Air to them as it is very safe from a financial perspective and very helpful in case we need assistance.


Hahnair ist eine IATA-zertifizierte Fluggesellschaft, die vom Flughafen Düsseldorf (DUS) und Flughafen Frankfurt Egelsbach (QEF) aus operiert. Wir bieten sowohl Linien- als auch Charterservices an und sorgen auf all unseren Bizjet-Flügen für eine sichere und angenehme Reise.


Erfahren Sie mehr über die Mitarbeiter und Abteilungen des Hahnair Teams.


Hahnair engagiert sich in sozialen Projekten sowohl lokal in Dreieich als auch weltweit und stellt kontinuierlich Innovationen auf Unternehmens- und Branchenebene vor.