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Hahn Air has been a trusted partner of travel agents since 1999.
Read on to find out why over 100,000 travel agents are convinced by our ticketing services.

Connoisseur Travel
Corporate Travel Team  |  USA  |  

Life before Hahn Air was a nightmare with all the small airlines. Before Hahn Air, booking travel in West Africa was almost impossible. Hahn Air is much appreciated in an age and industry that tends to make things more difficult than it needs to be. To us, Hahn Air provides a reliable and great option for validating carriers.

We like Hahn Air because it gives us a way to issue tickets for our clients where we otherwise would not have any options. This is a great benefit for our clients and for us.

Jimmy Stavropoulos
Director of Sales, North America   |  Agencia Global  |  USA

Hahn Air offers the best service! We have the best support team with Hahn Air and are so grateful they are there when we need them. We can offer airlines to our customers that would not be available any other way. We can ticket with complete assurance that everything is taken care of, and the offer of Securtix gives us that extra bonus of knowing that Hahn Air cares about us and our customers.
Lori Korenbaum
Customer Service and Operations Manager   |  Global Marine Travel  |  USA

The support Hahn Air provides is excellent. In addition, their ticket opportunities simplify ticket purchases and gives us the tools to do additional business enabled by Hahn Air. It is a life saver for the team to ticket under the HR plate.
Kim Greenhalgh
Senior Travel Consultant  |  XL Turners Travel   |  South Africa

It is a pleasure using Hahn Air with their  HR Ticketing. Being able to find additional carriers under the H1 and X1 code makes seamless bookings possible. Their 24/7 Help Desk support is outstanding with very helpful staff. Hahn Air's reliability makes them a superb asset in this industry. With a better choices of airlines and routes available to us, we as agents are able to provide a better choice to our clients and thus we are creating satisfied customers.

Hahn Air enables us to issue tickets for airlines that we cannot issue without challenges. As a registered travel agency, we are entitled to one ADM waiver once a year, which is great. The Hahn Air members of staff are very friendly and very helpful. I would recommend and encourage other travel agents to use and get familiar with Hahn Air, because it's easy to use and it has a very helpful and reliable customer service team with 24/7 service desk support.

Jessy Lengwe, Managing Director, ARC Save Travel

"For us Hahn Air is a very important ally, they allow us to sell airlines that are not in Argentina's BSP, which expands our offer to airlines that we could never sell otherwise.

Their Service Desk is very efficient, they always respond and the rules are very clear. They also have a very decisive after-sales service. We really appreciate being able to count on such an important partner!"

Alejandro Duarte, Head of Commercial, Tucano Tours

We sell travels and airline tickets around the world, and we appreciate Hahn Air for enabling ticketing for more than 350 airlines via HR, H1 or X1, which do not have their own BSP or Ticketing Authority.

We also really appreciate the excellent support, easy-to-use of the systems and especially the helpful and friendly staff. And another advantage for us is the insolvency insurance Securtix which is already included in every HR ticket.

Bruno Gutmann, Head Flight Management, Hotelplan Suisse

I would say that Hahn Air has probably been one of the biggest and best benefits to the travel agency world in the past 20 years, next to e-ticketing. Issuing tickets for services of carriers that were not represented or who had no presence in our home markets, was a major major challenge and in most cases we were unable to fulfil our customers’ expectations. So Hahn Air was a real saviour for us. Thank you for the continued awesome work.

Declan Peppard, Managing Director, Travelcare Uganda

For us as a Travel Agency, Hahn Air is our trusted and best Ticketing Solution. It enables us to connect our passengers worldwide with 376 partners available in Uganda. The web site is easy to navigate through and the on-line 24hrs friendly support team, the newsletters and trainings keep us in the know of the product.

Jayne Mbabazi, Quality Controller, Uganda Travel Bureau 2004 LTD

Thanks to Hahn Air we can issue tickets for airlines that are not available for our agency such as L6 – Air Mauritania or airlines that fly in Asia so it’s really great. Hahn Air is always here to help when we have some difficulties to issue a ticket. I can recommend Hahn Air to other travel agents.

Seydou Ndiaye, Chef de Comptoir – Counter Manager, CCBM

Being in such a diverse Country as Botswana where clients travel extensively, we do not always have access to ticketing on some of the more remote carriers. This is where Hahn Air comes into play; they give us the ability to service our clients efficiently and cost effectively and are always on hand to assist us with that human touch when needed. We have already recommended their services to a number of agents that find themselves in similar situations with positive results.

Fred McDonald, Managing Director, Travel Trends