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The Hahn Air Group launches Hahn Air Technologies

29 October 2019

The Hahn Air Group announced the launch of a new company, Hahn Air Technologies. It will provide distribution services to airlines which are looking to expand their indirect ticket sales. In addition, it will serve as an innovation centre and think tank for the Hahn Air Group by exploring and developing the potential of new distribution channels such as NDC, blockchain-based providers and mobile solutions.  

The first product of Hahn Air Technologies is X1-Air. By using X1-Air, airlines that have limited or no indirect distribution connectivity can immediately make their flights available in various sales channels. Aside from interfaces with major GDS, such as Amadeus and Sabre and soon Travelport, the service package of Hahn Air Technologies and X1-Air includes scheduling, fare filing, messaging, inventory management as well as booking and ticketing. More GDSs will be added to the service in the near future.  

The first partner airlines to use the services of Hahn Air Technologies are Air Panama (7P) from Panama, ASL Airline France (5O) from France, Azur Air Ukraine (QU) from Ukraine, Jam Airlink Express (J0) from Jamaica, Mayair (5G) from Mexico, Ulendo Airlink (W4) from Malawi, Westair Aviation (WV) from Namibia and Wildcat Touring (WC) from the United States.  

“Our products complete any airline’s distribution strategy”, says Alexander Proschka, Head of Hahn Air Technologies. “X1-Air allows low-cost airlines to outsource their complete indirect distribution in a simple, risk free and cost-efficient manner. For regional airlines we provide easy access to a truly global distribution network of over 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets. For all airlines which only have direct distribution channels, X1-Air is the perfect first step to enter indirect distribution”, Proschka adds.  

He concludes: “Hahn Air has 20 years of experience supporting airlines in every step of their business development. To be the partner of choice in the future, we are constantly analysing, testing and developing new technologies thus creating additional distribution opportunities for all Hahn Air partners.”  

More information on the services and partners of Hahn Air Technologies can be found under Products for travel agents and Products for airlines.

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