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Products for travel agents



Issue insolvency-safe Hahn Air tickets.

H1-Air and X1-Air

Book additional airlines in your GDS under the designators H1 and X1.


Book and ticket ancillary services conveniently in your GDS.

With H1-Air and X1-Air you can now book flights of airlines with limited or no GDS presence under the codes H1 and X1 respectively. By simply following the standard GDS and ticketing process, you will gain access to additional carriers that are available for ticketing on the insolvency-safe HR-169 document.

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About H1-Air and X1-Air

Discover more about H1-Air and X1-Air by watching our learning video.

Travel Details

Check your H1-Air or X1-Air Travel Details by entering the surname of one of the passengers and the record locator (either GDS, H1, X1 or airline) or ticket number. If you are a travel agent, please make sure to forward this information to the passenger. Please note that you can only access bookings that have been made under the H1 or X1 code.

For some partner airlines you can commence the online check-in process here. Please note that the online check-in opening times may vary depending on the respective carrier.

How to guide

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Simple ticketing process

Select and book H1-Air or X1-Air partners under the code H1 or X1.
Enter your passengers' details.
Autoprice the booking with the validating carrier Hahn Air (HR).
Select your form of payment.
Issue the ticket on the insolvency-safe HR-169 document.

Route Maps

Click below to see the extensive route network available when you book any flight under the code H1 and X1 in your GDS.

GDS Guides

Follow standard GDS reservation and ticketing process.

At a glance

Download a list of all H1-Air and X1-Air partners and the Quick Card on how to issue H1 and X1 on HR-169 tickets.