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Unlock the potential of NDC with Hahn Air

The Hahn Air NDC Platform allows travel agencies, sellers, aggregators and airlines to unlock the potential of IATA’s NDC standard.

By connecting to our NDC APIs as a seller or aggregator, you will gain access to the wide variety of airline content from our airline partners. If you are an airline, Hahn Air’s NDC platform can expand your distribution reach, regardless of whether you are already NDC capable or not.

The platform allows those connected to shop, pay, book and issue tickets for flight. You can use your preferred form of payment - including credit, debit and UATP cards as well as cash transactions via BSP or ARC - and all tickets are issued on an insolvency-safe HR-169 document.

To learn more about our APIs and how to connect to our NDC platform, please visit our developer portal and review our API documentation and guidelines.

When you are ready to begin your NDC journey with us, please send an email to to request access to our NDC APIs. Should you have questions, please refer to our FAQs below or contact the Hahn Air NDC team. We look forward to working with you!


How do I access your NDC content?

All connections are made via NDC API. You can either connect directly or you can access Hahn Air’s NDC content via your preferred aggregator. If your preferred aggregator does not yet have a connection to Hahn Air’s NDC APIs, we are happy to begin discussions to make this connection.

Please note that Hahn Air does not provide a front end to access its NDC content.

Do I need to be an accredited agency to connect or can any travel seller receive access to your content via NDC?
As a travel agency/seller, you do not need to be an IATA or ARC accredited travel agency. However, if you wish to use BSP or ARC as a form of payment, IATA/ARC accreditation is required.
How do I connect to your NDC platform?

If you would like to begin your NDC journey with us, please send an email to On approval, you will receive your test credentials. In the meantime, you can already begin to review the API documentation and guidelines.

When you have completed your integration and testing, we will provide you with the production endpoints and after you are certified, you will be ready to begin shopping and booking with Hahn Air.

What content do I get with Hahn Air’s NDC APIs?
Hahn Air’s NDC APIs are airline APIs giving you access to a large selection of airline content – from our own flights, to those from a selection of our airline partners from around the world.
Which NDC version is used by Hahn Air’s NDC platform?
Hahn Air’s APIs are compliant with IATA NDC Version 17.2. We are certified by IATA to Level 3.
What functionality is supported by Hahn Air’s NDC test environment

In our test enviroment you will have the ability to shop for flight offers from Hahn Air and a selection of our partner airlines, book them with a credit, debit or UATP card, and receive your ticket.

In terms of NDC messages, we support AirShoppingRQ/RS, OfferPriceRQ/RS, OrderCreateRQ/OrderViewRS and OrderRetrieveRQ/OrderViewRS

  • AirShoppingRQ allows you to specify Origin, Destination and Dates for a one way or a round trip itinerary.
  • AirShoppingRS returns up to 100 flight Offers
  • OfferPriceRQ allows you to specify an Offer from AirShoppingRS, and request more details (e.g. full price and tax breakdown)
  • OfferPriceRS returns for the selected Offer, the detailed breakdown of pricing and taxes.
  • OrderCreateRQ allows you to select an Offer, send payment card details for payment, and request an Order and Ticket(s) to be created.
  • OrderViewRS returns the “booking confirmation” including full details of the purchased Order and your flight Ticket(s).
  • OrderRetrieveRQ allows you to retrieve previously created Orders.  
  • OrderViewRS returns the full details of the requested Order.
Where can I find Hahn Air’s API documentation?
You will find our documentation here, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
How can I change or cancel an NDC order?

While we prepare our NDC Servicing APIs, it is still possible to change or cancel an NDC order.

If you wish to cancel an NDC order, please complete our online cancellation form, and our team will respond to you with the outcome, after taking into account any applicable fare rules. 

If you wish to make changes to an NDC order, we will provide you with access to an online portal that will allow you to service your own NDC orders. Where it is not possible to make your required changes online via the portal, please email us with your requested changes, and our team will get back to you.

Contact us

We are happy to assist you with all NDC related questions.