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Hahn Air strengthens network with 12 new partner airlines

13 July 2023

Distribution specialist Hahn Air already added 12 new partner airlines to its network in the first half of 2023. All partners benefit from broadened distribution reach and incremental revenue by extending availability of their flights in the Global Distribution Systems (GDSs).

Five airlines are taking advantage of an interline agreement with Hahn Air (HR-169). The partners gain access to travel agencies in additional markets. This includes GDS markets where they do not participate in local settlement systems (BSPs or ARC), where they do not grant ticketing authority or where they want to offer additional forms of payment. In addition, they benefit from interlining opportunities with the Hahn Air network consisting of more than 350 partner airlines.

Out of the new partners, seven carriers opted for the solution X1-Air. The partner carriers gain access to all major GDSs with one single contract. A separate agreement between the airline and the respective GDS is not needed. As a result, X1-Air partners can instantly sell their flights through more than 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets. The X1-Air product is benefitting airlines that wish to extend distribution reach to secondary markets, as well as carriers that are seeking to get started with comprehensive indirect distribution.

The new Hahn Air partners 2023 YTD are:  

Interline agreements (HR-169)

  • Air Connect (KS), Romania
  • Air Tanzania (TC), Tanzania
  • Air Premia (YP), South Korea
  • Braathens Regional Airlines (TF), Sweden
  • SpiceJet (SG), India  

GDS availability under the code X1 (X1-Air)

  • Aerus (ZV), Mexico
  • Arajet (DM), Dominican Republic
  • Cronos Airlines Benin (C9), Benin
  • FitsAir (8D), Sri Lanka
  • FlyCAA (BU), Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Involatus (1IV, operated by Tailwind), Germany
  • ValueJet (VK), Nigeria  

“We are proud to support our partner airlines by expanding their distribution reach”, says Adriana C. Carrelli, Vice President Airline Business at Hahn Air. “By partnering with Hahn Air, airlines open new markets beyond their distribution capabilities and generate additional revenue. At the same time, they save costs and resources while outsourcing risk and complexity.” 

More information about the Hahn Air distribution solutions for airlines are available under Global Sales & Ticketing.

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