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Our company

We are the leading provider of distribution services for airlines and the ticketing expert for travel agents.

Who is Hahnair

Hahnair is a German scheduled and executive charter airline. Since 1999 it offers indirect distribution services to other airlines and thus provides ticketing solutions to 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets. With more than 20 years of experience, the company has established itself as the market leader. Today, Hahnair’s partner network encompasses more than 350 partner airlines.

Hahnair offers its distribution services exclusively to transportation companies and ticketing solutions to travel agents only. However, travellers benefit as well as they are able to choose from more carriers, more routes and more destinations. Every year millions of passengers travel between 4,000 locations using Hahnair’s HR-169 tickets. It is the first and only airline worldwide that offers free and comprehensive reimbursement in case of insolvency of the operating carrier. Hahnair is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and a globally connected stakeholder playing a leading role in the airline industry.

Hahnair is 100% owned by the Hahnair Group, an international corporation based in Dreieich near Frankfurt, Germany. The fleet of Hahnair Lines operates out of the airports Dusseldorf and Frankfurt Egelsbach. The Group has offices around the world, including Minneapolis, Montevideo, Casablanca, New Delhi, Manila and Johannesburg.


Hahnair  is an IATA-certified airline operating out of Dusseldorf Airport (DUS) and Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport (QEF). Offering both scheduled and charter flight services, our operations team ensures a safe and enjoyable journey on all of our bizjet flights.


Meet the individuals and departments who make up the Hahnair team.


From corporate and industry innovation, to supporting social projects at home and around the globe, Hahnair is committed to bettering the industry and world around us.