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Safarilink expands partnership with Hahn Air

26 September 2022

Hahn Air partner airline Safarilink expands its partnership with Hahn Air by complementing its indirect distribution strategy with an interline agreement.

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Hahn Air now offers a PSS solution

20 September 2022

To complement their portfolio of solutions, Hahn Air now offers Res 360, a cloud-based Passenger Service System (PSS).

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Hahn Air celebrates Hahn Air Day with green initiatives

13 September 2022

Every year, on September 16th Hahn Air celebrates Hahn Air Day. Hahn Air just recently announced the start of a series of environment-focused initiatives, including a partnership with veritree. Therefore, this year’s Hahn Air Day is all about sustainability and Hahn Air is planning several green celebration activities.

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Hahn Air plants 150,000 Mangrove trees with veritree

6 September 2022

In an effort to mitigate climate change, Hahn Air announced a partnership with veritree, a technology platform enabling and tracking global restoration projects. Hahn Air committed to restoring coastal mangrove forests in Kenya and Madagascar by planting 150,000 trees which equals an area of 15 hectares (37 acres). The Hahn Air tree population, once matured, will sequester for an average of 32,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

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ITA Airways enters interline agreement with Hahn Air

9 August 2022

Hahn Air announced that it has recently signed an interline agreement with ITA Airways.

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