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About us

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Who is Hahn Air

Hahn Air is a German scheduled airline founded in 1994 and has specialised in distribution services for other airlines since 1999. As the world's largest company of its kind, we cover 190 markets and cooperate with more than 350 air, rail and shuttle partners and over 100,000 travel agencies. We are the first and only airline worldwide that offers free and comprehensive insolvency insurance coverage for all of our partners’ transport services. Every year millions of passengers travel to and from 4,000 different airports using our tickets.

Hahn Air is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Although not well known to the general public, we are a globally connected stakeholder playing a leading role in the airline distribution industry.

In addition, we are active in other business fields outside of the aviation sector and actively support social projects not only in our local community but also around the world.

The Hahn Air Group is an international corporation based in Dreieich near Frankfurt, Germany, while the Hahn Air Lines’ fleet operates out of Dusseldorf Airport. The Group, which has offices around the world, including Minneapolis, Montevideo, Casablanca, Johannesburg, New Delhi and Manila, achieves an annual global turnover of approximately 1 billion USD for its clients.

All about Hahn Air

Watch our 2-minute video and get to know our unique business model that tells a success story of many years on the global market.

Our spirit, our song

Have fun listening to our Hahn Air song. The video is featuring our Hahn Air colleagues from around the world which had great fun to shoot the video. Enjoy!