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Products for travel agents



Issue insolvency-safe Hahn Air tickets.

H1-Air and X1-Air

Book additional airlines in your GDS under the designators H1 and X1.


Book and ticket ancillary services conveniently in your GDS.

Gain access to Hahn Air's more than 350 airlines and countless interline opportunities by issuing flights on the insolvency-safe HR-169 document. Available in more than 190 markets and in all GDSs worldwide, our HR-169 document allows you to book flights and interline connections on carriers that would not normally be available in your ticketing country.

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About HR-169

Watch the learning video to find out more about Hahn Air and HR-169.


Hahn Air's insolvency protection covering all partner carriers.

GDS Ticketing Assistant

Read through our Quick Cards to learn more about how to issue HR-169 tickets in your desired GDS.


Download a list of all our partners as well as our ADM and Refund Policy that applies for HR-169 tickets.