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Hahnair's Refund Policy applies worldwide and is free of charge. No handling fees apply however a partner airline may charge its own cancellation fees.

As we are facing an exceptional high volume of requests at the moment, we unfortunately will not adhere to our usual standard of processing refund requests within 14 days. However, you can significantly speed up the process and help us process your request faster if you submit the following details completely and correctly: 

  • The ticket number
  • The reason for the refund application
  • The refund calculation
  • The taxes and the PNR history

Refund Policy

Important note for travel agents submitting a refund application: for BSPlink refund applications please always include the complete PNR history.

Please note that Hahnair as the validating carrier by no means can or will be held responsible for any obligation of any operating carrier ticketed on a HR-169 document.

Agents can process the refunds directly via GDS or can submit a refund application (RA) via BSP Link. For refunds via GDS please refund the taxes one by one with the correct tax designators. XT or TX are not allowed to be used to sum up the total amount of the refundable taxes.

Please take note that if a refund application form is not filled out properly with all of the according and necessary details, Hahnair will not refund the ticket. Please attach all documentation to avoid any unnecessary rejections (e.g. a copy of the PNR history, death or illness certificate).

Read full Refund Policy

For any queries contact Hahnair at:

At a glance

Important information for BSP Israel

Hahnair Lines has formally notified the Israeli Aviation Authority on Aug 14, 2020 that in accordance with the Israeli Aviation Services Law regarding Compensation and Assistance for Flight Cancellation or Change of Conditions (Temporary Order – Novel Coronavirus – Amendment, Time Extension for the Refund of Consideration), 5780-2020, that the turnover of Hahnair in the second quarter of 2020 decreased by at least 70 percent compared to Hahnair’s turnover in the second quarter of 2019.

Involuntary Refund

Refunds should always be requested via BSP Link and any documentation for involuntary cases, e.g. in case of strike / schedule change etc., attached.

Involuntary Downgrades

Refunds should always be requested via BSP Link and a copy of the boarding pass or written confirmation from the operating carrier attached.

Duplicate Tickets

If two tickets were issued by mistake in the same PNR with identical fare, routing and flight dates for the same passenger name, please submit a refund application and attach all necessary documentation. We would approve the refund in accordance with the terms of the operating carrier.

In all other cases (e.g. incorrect name, different passenger type, etc.) we recommend contacting the Hahnair Service Desk via

ARC Agents

Please submit refunds directly via your GDS. If for any reason a refund via your GDS is not possible, please contact Hahnair at

Refund Applications sent via BSP Link

Hahnair’s refund service is free of charge which means no handling fees apply. However, Hahnair’s partner carriers may impose cancellation fees according to the applicable fare rules. Hahnair processes refund applications within 14 days after submitting all necessary information. 

Please reference the Refund Policy for more details.

Excluded from free refund handling

  • Refund of EMD: € 50.00 per ticket
  • For miscalculated refunds/reissues via GDS: € 30.00 per ticket
  • When a correction to a previously authorized refund is made, due to an incomplete original refund application: € 30.00 per ticket
  • Repetitive refund applications of identical requests regarding the same ticket: € 30.00 per ticket

Please contact Hahnair at for questions.