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Knowledge Centre

In this section, you’ll find out how to take advantage of the free and easy Hahnair solutions. Learn in step-by-step videos how to issue HR-169 tickets, how to use our support tools and more.

Issue H1 and X1 flights: In our learning video, you are guided step by step through the ticketing process in your GDS. Find out how to price and issue H1 and X1 flights and how to access the important travel details after the ticket is issued. 

Issue a HR-169 ticket: This practical tutorial will show you how you can issue an HR-169 ticket with one of Hahnair’s partner airlines. Learn how to check availability on a Hahnair ticket in your market, how to price the ticket and how to retrieve the final travel document for your customer.

How to use the Hahnair Quick Check: To find out whether a Hahnair partner is available on the HR-169 ticket in your market, consult the Quick Check on Whether you are looking for single- or multi-airline ticketing, this tool will show you within seconds whether you can issue a ticket and will give you additional information.

How to download the Travel Details for H1 or X1 flights: If you have booked an H1 or X1 flight segment on a Hahnair ticket, it is important to share the travel details with your passengers. The Travel Details will ensure a smooth journey for your passengers. Find out which important information is included in the Travel Details, how to easily access them and how to provide them to your customers.

How do travel agents benefit from Hahnair? Let us show you everything the Hahnair world has to offer. Get an overview of our ticketing solutions and additional valuable services for travel agents. It’s free, it’s easy and it’s all in your GDS – no training required.