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We guarantee travel agents that their clients are automatically protected without any extra costs in the event that a partner airline issued on an HR-169 ticket is cancelled due to the insolvency of the respective operating carrier.

Insolvency-safe HR-169 tickets without any extra costs

In case a passenger with an HR-169 ticket is affected by the insolvency of one of Hahnair's over 350 partner airlines, we vouch for a full refund of the unused part of the ticket including taxes.

Additionally, Hahnair offers protection for stranded passengers and guarantees to reimburse costs that might arise in such an event. This includes the difference between the original ticket price and the costs for a new ticket in the amount of up to € 125, costs for meals and hotel accommodation in the amount of up to € 75 as well as extra expenses like transfers and phone calls in the amount of up to € 50. To claim this kind of reimbursement the insolvency must have occurred within 24 hours before departure or during a trip where the customer has already used at least one coupon. 

On top, we pay a compensation to travel agencies for their extra work with a stranded passenger case upon approval of the claim.

The insolvency protection Securtix® is exclusive to flights issued on an HR-169 ticket. So far more than 40 million insolvency-safe Hahnair tickets have been issued around the globe.