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Benefits of Registration

Registered travel agents benefit even more


Waive one agency debit memo (ADM) per rolling year.

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HR e-Payment

A UATP-based payment solution for HR-169 tickets.

The ADM-waiver is a pioneering service offered only by Hahnair. It exclusively waives one of your agency's ADMs related to HR-169 ticketing, every rolling year.*

Why the ADM-waiver?

Hahnair developed the ADM-waiver as a solution for protecting travel agencies who have been penalised in GDSs when issuing HR-169 tickets. With this exclusive service offered only by Hahnair, travel agencies are able to rid themselves of one Agency Debit Memo (ADM) made on an HR-169 ticket, every rolling year.

*For more detailed information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

How can you waive an ADM?

Follow three simple steps to waive an ADM related to an HR-169 ticket.

Simply register or login at
When logged in, visit the "ADM-waiver" section under "My Hahnair"
Fill in the form for your IATA agency to waive one ADM of your choice every rolling year

About the ADM-waiver

Discover more about the ADM-waiver.

Terms & Conditions

Read through our Terms and Conditions for more information about the ADM-waiver.

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