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AB Aviation enters GDSs with Hahn Air Systems’ product H1-Air

14 February 2019

Hahn Air Systems’ new partner AB Aviation joined the H1-Air network to gain access to 100,000 travel agencies worldwide through the indirect distribution channel. Now available under Hahn Air Systems’ H1 code, AB Aviation can be booked in all major GDSs via the standard reservation process and tickets issued via the standard GDS ticketing process.

AB Aviation is a private Comorian airline founded in 2010. Operating out of its base at Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport in the country’s largest city of Moroni, AB Aviation serves five destinations in three countries, including Comoros, Mayotte and Tanzania. Its economy and business class services are available for HR-169 ticketing under the H1 code.

More information about AB Aviation and other H1-Air partners is available under Partner Carriers.

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