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The German scheduled and executive charter airline Hahn Air has specialised in distribution services for its more than 350 partner airlines and ticketing solutions for over 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets.

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The current situation in Eastern Europe forces us to stop all business relationships with Russian partner carriers with immediate effect.

What's new?

Cabodia Airways returns to Sihanouk
HR-169 and H1-Air Partner  |  Airline news  |  

Cambodia Airywas, a Cambodian airline available in GDSs under its own KR code as well as under the H1 code, brings back flights between its hub at Pochentong International Airport (PNH) in Phnom Penh and Sihanouk (KOS). The service is available every Monday and Saturday from July 1st.

Nauru Airlines expands indirect distribution with Hahn Air
H1-Air Partner  |  Hahn Air News  |  

Hahn Air welcomes Nauru Airlines in its leading partner portfolio. Its flights are available in all major GDSs under the Hahn Air Systems H1 code.

Nauru Airlines is a regional carrier serving the Central and South Pacific since 1969. Its route map covers Brisbane (BNE) in Australia, Majuro (MAJ) in the Marshall Islands, Nadi (NAN) in Fiji, Tarawa (TRW) in Kiribati and its base in Nauru (INU).

Hahn Air adds As Salaam Air to its leading partner network
X1-Air Partner  |  Hahn Air News  |  

Hahn Air welcomes As Salaam Air in its leading partner portfolio. Its flights are available in major GDSs under the Hahn Air Technologies X1 code.

Established in 2011, As Salaam Air is the airline of the Tanzanian Islands based in Zanzibar (ZNZ). Its route network includes four destinations: Arusha (ARK), Dar es Salaam (DAR), Pemba (PMA) and Zanzibar (ZNZ). More information is available on the airline's profile.

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Hahn Air is a German scheduled and executive charter airline. Since 1999 we have specialised in distribution services for other airlines and ticketing solutions for travel agencies. We cover 190 markets and cooperate with more than 350 partner airlines and over  100,000 travel agencies. Every year millions of passengers travel between 4,000 locations using Hahn Air tickets.
101,431 Travel Agencies
360 Partner carriers
46,601,580 Insolvency-safe tickets
197 Markets