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Hahn Air’s Jörg Troester panelist at European Aviation Symposium (EAS)

30 January 2020

Hahn Air’s Head of Corporate Strategy, Governance and Industry Affairs, Jörg Troester recently participated at the second European Aviation Symposium (EAS). The event which took place between 28th and 29th January, 2020 in Munich featured leading experts, politicians and executives from the airline industry. The second EAS focused on finding solutions with a new, holistic and industry-wide perspective and in balance of political objectives to ensure sustainable economic growth. Troester was invited to join the NDC/OneOrder round table discussion during the first day’s afternoon breakout session with the title “Disruptive Developments in Airline Distribution”. He expressed his views about who will be the winners with the NDC/OneOrder development and about the future vision of airline distribution - after NDC/OneOrder.  

“NDC and now OneOrder have been the long-needed technology trigger to finally help the airline (distribution) industry to start a complete makeover. Technology is an important part of this journey, but it is not the only one. Winning airlines will take the opportunity to think about their distribution strategy and develop products - including ancillaries -, distribution channel mix and a revenue model and make them relevant in markets and for their customers. Travel retailers will have a great opportunity to remain or become again a relevant point of sales for their customers if they offer airlines’ a full menu of products and services and at the same time understand the needs of the travellers before, during and after purchase by embracing new technology opportunities.” said Troester.  

Talking about a technology vision, Troester added “Hahn Air has issued its first ticket based on blockchain technology in 2019. We know that open, decentralised networks are a true future vision for airline distribution, but we are proud to have proven that it is possible and we will continue looking into future technologies to develop distribution solutions that will connect airlines and travel agencies.”   For more information you can visit

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