ADM Policy

ADM Policy English

Please follow the instructions mentioned below to avoid the issuance of an ADM:

  • The validating carrier and ticketing carrier need to be identical in order to guarantee autoquoted YQ/YR Taxes. Invalid YQ and YR taxes will be calculated if Hahn Air is not quoted as the validating carrier to price the PNR.
  • Automated quoted private fares: The issuing agent must comply with all applicable fare rules of the fare selected – in particular possible fare restrictions. In case of IT/Nego/Group fares on HR document, a written approval from the operating carrier must be obtained from the issuing agent prior to ticketing.
  • Issuance of airpass tickets: Please follow the ticketing instructions of the concerned airpass fare and confirm with fare owner that ticketing on HR document is allowed. Please collect the applicable taxes with tax codes as usual. Q-surcharges have to be included in the fare calculation when applicable. You will find further information on our website
  • Issuance of published fares: Sales restrictions mentioned in the fare rules have to be taken into consideration before ticket issuance. Please note that lots of back office tools disregard the defined sales restrictions of the fare rules. An automated farequote does not release travel agents from their duty to always check and follow the farerules.
  • It is possible that the status of coupons will not be changed automatically to used by the operating airline. This depends on the different reservation systems of the concerned airlines and the checkin systems of the handling agents. Therefore - especially in case of interline tickets - we kindly ask you to process a refund only on request of the passenger as per IATA resolution 830a. Please issue Refund Application (RA) via BSP Link to process refund.
  • Hahn Air may issue ADMs also beyond the 9 month last travel date / refund date stated in Reso 850m, provided the claim is not statute-barred. This represents the most efficient procedure for both, Travel Agent and Hahn Air. In case of disagreement, you can provide your eventual rejection within 15 days through BSP link. The billing is then processed outside BSP through an invoice.

Administrative charges for ADM issuance – EUR 30 per ticket

For example:

  • for miscalculated refunds
  • for miscalculated reissues
  • for wrongly applied commission
  • for using HR document (169) for carriers and fares not explicitly mentioned on our website
  • for violation of selection of ticketing carrier logic (IATA Resolution 852) and fare selection criteria (IATA Resolution 017h).
  • for fully refunded non-refundable fares due to flight cancellation without attachment of PNR history or the appropriate authorization of the airline concerned
  • the ADM Charge will be tripled (= EUR 90,00 per ticket) in case of refund even though the passenger travelled on the ticket