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Hahnair presents new company anthem “Just One Code (HR-169)”

27 February 2024

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Hahnair introduces a new company anthem including an energetic professional music video. The song titled “Just One Code (HR-169)” is a remake of a composition internally produced over a decade ago that has now been professionally revamped with contemporary beats and catching fusion-pop sounds.  

In a team effort, the Hahnair colleagues starred in a professional music video. In various scenes, the Hahnair experts are taking on the roles of travel agents and travel-booking customers who are discovering the convenience of issuing flights on the Hahnair HR-169 ticket. In addition, viewers can watch the Hahnair team dancing and performing in scenes filmed during a Hahnair summer party and during a summit of the commercial division.  

The song originally created by Jan Stürmer and Mediha Rustanpasic, has been re-written and performed by newcomer artist Adetayo "Tutipsy" Manuwa, who has already gained recognition locally and internationally for his distinctive fusion-pop blending various cultural influences. Manuwa has also been a valuable member of the Hahnair social media team since 2022.  

The Hahnair Anthem “Just One Code (HR-169)” is now available for streaming on all major music streaming services, including Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify. The music video can be watched on Hahnair’s Youtube channel.  

Hahnair is a leading provider of distribution solutions and ticketing services to airlines and travel agents worldwide. Founded in 1999, the IATA-member enables global distribution for 350 partner airlines in all major GDSs and facilitates additional ticketing opportunities for 100,000 travel agents in 190 markets.

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