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Services for travel agents


Hahn Air's insolvency protection covering all partner carriers.


Refund service guaranteed within 14 days.

GDS Ticketing Assistant

Instructions on how to issue HR-169 tickets in your GDS.

Hahn Air Business School

Distance-learning courses for travel agents.

Airline and Airport Code Search

Decode carriers, airports, train stations and ferry ports.

Registered travel agents benefit even more


Waive one agency debit memo (ADM) per rolling year.

Quick Check History

View and search for all of your past Quick Checks.


Participate and win prizes in exclusive games.

HR e-Payment

A UATP-based payment solution for HR-169 tickets.

VIP-PEP offers

Exclusive offers on Hahn Air Lines flights.

Head Office Tour

Tour the Hahn Air Head Office.

Hahn Air Business School offers

Discounted rates on Hahn Air training courses.

Experience a unique journey aboard one of Hahn Air Lines’ luxurious bizjet aircrafts on our scheduled return flights from Dusseldorf to Luxembourg.
As a registered agent you will enjoy an additional 50% discount off the official PEP rates.

From DUS-LUX with Hahn Air Lines


EUR 150 PEP for unregistered agents*

EUR 75 VIP-PEP for registered agents*


EUR 280 PEP for unregistered agents*            

EUR 140 VIP-PEP for registered agents*

*All prices are excluding taxes.

How to book the discount rates

Register for free on
Log in and visit the VIP-PEP page under My Hahn Air.
Download and fill in the pdf form
available in the logged in area