We at Hahn Air believe that it is our duty to assume corporate and social responsibility. We commit ourselves to bettering not only the industry we work in and others that support us in what we do, but also in our commitment to bettering our local community and those less fortunate elsewhere in the world.

Who we support


Hahn Air Foundation

The Hahn Air Foundation was founded by Hahn Air in 2012. The Foundation‘s mission is to support projects around the world that fight hardships such as poverty, oppression, hunger and disease, especially related to women and children. Hahn Air ensures that 100% of all donations go to the Foundation‘s supported projects.


Hahn Air partners with the Dreieich Sportstätten Betriebs- und Marketing GmbH (DSBM), a local organisation in Dreieich, Germany. With this partnership we support the sporting community in Dreieich through the development of both athletes and sports clubs in the area.

HR Ventures

Hahn Air founded HR Ventures in 2012 as a way to financially support young, high-growth and highly innovative companies. Through this endeavor, we make it our goal to help develop these companies in such a way that they attain future success in their given field.

The Aircraft at Burghof

In 2012 Hahn Air opened The Aircraft at Burghof as its own training and event location. Initially serving as a place for travel agents and other industry members to meet together to discuss and learn about the industry, The Aircraft now also serves as an award winning venue for members of the community to host their private and corporate events.