Catch a glimpse of Hahn Air's special moments, events and celebrations by taking a look through our picture gallery below.

Delhi, Hahn Air Training, June 2019

Happy to share a few pics of Sanjay's recent visit to travel agencies in Delhi (India) where he gave a training and update about Hahn Air's products and services.

Austria and Switzerland, June 2019

Some impressions of Gerhard and Ralf's trip to Austria and Switzerland where they visited travel agencies to promote Hahn Air's products and services.

Italy, 20th Anniversary press lunch, June 2019

Some impressions of Hahn Air's 20th Anniversary lunch hosted by Hahn Air for a group of key journalists in Milano, Italy.

Democratic Republic of the Congo, CONAVIA 2019, June 2019

Some pictures of the recent CONAVIA 2019 aviation conference in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Over 260 participants came together, among them representatives of the airline industry and travel agencies. A great opportunity for Hahn Air to introduce it's products and services.

Chennai (India) Martin Trophy Handover, May 2019

Some pics of Bharat's visit to Chennai where he handed over the Martin trophy to the Top Performing Agencies 2018 in Tamil Nadu (India).